Immunization and Vaccines

Future Students

With the recent outbreaks and re-emergence of specific diseases in the Toronto area, we would strongly encourage you to review your immunizations with your family doctor before you start your studies at the Universiity of Toronto Scarborough to ensure your health is protected while you pursue your studies.  Please click here for charts of recommended immunizations for post-secondary students as a reference. 

You are also welcome to book an appointment to receive any outstanding vaccinations at our centre as of September.  To book an appointment, please call the front desk and have your valid T-Card and health card available to provide this information to the adminstrative team at the front desk.  

Current Students

Students can call to book an appointment with a doctor to receive an immunization/vaccine. Some vaccines are covered by health insurance and others have a cost. Students are encouraged to discuss their immunization history with the doctor during their appointment. Please have your  immunization records available when you have your appointments.  Students who have been immunized in Toronto and want to check what immunization/vaccines they have received in high school or are seeking general information can call the Immunization Information Hotline at 416-392-1250. For more information about immunization and vaccines please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada

Students will be asked to wait in the office for 20 minutes after receiving any vaccine to ensure help is available if an adverse reaction occurs.

Health Forms for Third Party Requests 

Requests from an employer/volunteer placement or other agency also known as a ‘third party’ may require students to receive an immunization/vaccines or Tuberculin skin tests (TB test) and forms to be completed by a doctor or nurse.  Students can call the front desk to book an appointment with a nurse to start the process of form completion.  Follow up appointments will be arranged as needed.  Please anticipate multiple appointments for forms to be completed. In addition, since these forms are not medically indicated, there are costs involved. These costs will vary based on the requirements of the form.  

Travel Immunizations

If you require immunization for travel we recommend you call a travel clinic.The U of T St. George campus provides a travel clinic for all University of Toronto students.  Please call 416-978-8030 to book an appointment.