Health Insurance

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Extended Medical/Dental Health Benefits

Provincial Health Insurance Plans

University Of Toronto Scarborough students are either covered under provincial health insurance plans (the Ontario plan is called OHIP) or the University Health Insurance Plan (called UHIP).

  • If you are moving to attend university, remember to submit your change of address to OHIP. Forms are available at the Health & Wellness Centre.
  • Students from other provinces are usually covered under their own provincial plans, but regulations vary from province to province. Some provinces require students attending out of province universities to submit a letter of acceptance to the university as well as proof of registration for the current year. Please check the regulations for your province.

NOTE: Provinces differ in the services covered by their health insurance plans. If you are an out-of-province student, be sure you are aware of the coverage you will receive while in Ontario. Students who are not covered under provincial health insurance plans, including international students, exchange students and returning Canadians in their 3 month OHIP waiting period are required to have UHIP coverage. UHIP covers students and their dependents, for most doctors and hospital visits in Ontario, to the same level as OHIP coverage. Ministry of Health and Long-term Care issues the OHIP card:

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

UHIP, the University Health Insurance Plan, is a compulsory plan for all students of the University of Toronto and their qualifying dependents who are not covered by OHIP (the Ontario Health Insurance Plan). This includes international students, exchange students and returning Canadians in their 3 month OHIP wait period.

The plan covers students and their dependents for most doctors and hospital visits in Ontario much like OHIP coverage. Once participants have been issued a card, they will use this card as proof of enrollment in the plan. Claim forms are required for every visit.

Some providers of health care (doctors, hospital, lab, etc.) will bill the plan directly for their services. Others will ask the students to pay at the time of visit. The student will receive a receipt which they can use to claim reimbursement by sending a claim form and receipt to the plan administrators. University of Toronto Scarborough Health & Wellness Centre will bill the plan administrators directly for the student.

For more information and assistance with UHIP, contact the UTSC International Student Centre or