Groups offered Fall 2016

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Health & Wellness Centre Groups – Fall 2016

Join a group to gain support from fellow students and learn you are not alone in what you are experiencing.Learn new skills to enhance your university experience and improve your general health and well-being.  

There are groups that you attend weekly for 8 weeks, and are attended by the same group of students each week. For those groups that are designated as 8 WEEK GROUPS, pre-registration is required.  Please contact the Health & Wellness Centre via email (, phone (416-287-7065), drop by, or talk to your counsellor or other helping professional. You will need to confirm your weekly attendance in these groups.

Groups designated as DROP IN can be attended by any student, even if you are currently suspended, on a work term, or taking a semester off.  Bring a friend if you want, and simply show up when you can!

All groups will take place in the Health & Wellness Centre, SL-270, unless otherwise noted. Groups will be starting near the end of September 2016.


Creating Social Connections (self/professional referral) – Mondays at 3-4pm

  • Participants will have the opportunity to practice specific techniques that may be helpful in reducing social anxiety, social isolation or loneliness.

Mirror, mirror – Self-image and disordered eating (self/professional referral) – Tuesdays at 12-1pm

  • Participants will learn how to increase their awareness about their own healthy and unhealthy habits. This workshop will include interactive activities, helping participants learn ways to improve body image, and question myths our society holds about beauty.

Strength-Based Resilience Group (self/professional referral) – Tuesdays at 3-4pm OR Thursdays at 4pm*

  • This group focuses on building strengths to boost resilience, wellness and ways to learn to deal with psychological distress.  Learn to cultivate positive emotions, foster healthy relationships and pursue meaningful goals.
  • *Thursdays at 3pm is at TPASC and will include a physical movement component

Self-Compassion (self/professional referral) – Wednesdays at 6-7pm

  • Learn skills to combat your inner critic by fostering a sense of self-compassion. The group will practice techniques aimed at relating to yourself more kindly, recognizing that the human condition is imperfect, and mindfully experiencing your thoughts and emotions. 

Coping with Loss (self/professional referral) – Thursdays at 3-4pm

  • Loss affects us all whether from death, life transitions, relationships ending, changing identities or migration shifts. Learn approaches to deal with loss and move forward in life.

Mood Matters (self/professional referral) - Fridays at 11am-12pm

  • Learn the relationship between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and learn new coping strategies. The group will also practice specific techniques to reduce stress and manage difficult emotions.



Residence Drop-In Group– Tuesdays at 3-4pm

  • The Residence Drop-In Group is open to all students living in Residence at UTSC, where participants will have the opportunity to promote health and wellbeing by practicing meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness in a group format. In addition, participants will also develop skills to manage day-to-day stress specific to living in residence that includes addressing roommate conflict, dating & healthy relationships, alcohol and substance use, homesickness, managing academic pressure etc.

Relaxation and Meditation— Wednesdays, 3-4pm - SL-279 - Starts SEPTEMBER 7!

  • Learn about the concepts of mindfulness meditation and how it can help with managing stress, increasing concentration and improving overall health.  A meditation will be completed every week.  No previous meditation experience necessary.  Mats and meditation cushions provided.

Graduate student Group– Wednesdays at 5-6pm

  • Pursuing a graduate degree can be emotionally, psychologically and often physically taxing.  Join fellow graduate students to discuss relevant topics related to coping and learn new strategies for managing the myriad of stressors unique to the graduate experience.

加友站  Mandarin Speaking group - Thursdays, 12-1pm

  • Gain support from your peers in dealing with various adjustment and transition challenges. 
  • 专为讲普通话的中国学生提供的交流小组,在这里,你可以结识新朋友,分享新体验;我们会帮助你从心理上顺利适应加国文化,更好更快地融入多伦多大 学忙碌的生活。

Over the RAINBOW LGBTQ+ Group– Fridays at 12-1pm

  • The LGBTQ+ support group is open to any students who identify within the LGBTQ+ community or may be questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. The group will explore LGBTQ+ related topics including coming out processes, experiences of marginalization, and advocacy of queer and trans rights and identities. The group will also offer supportive space for discussion, and a variety self-care strategies.

Group Therapy

A counsellor may suggest that group therapy is the best option to address your current concerns.