Group Therapy Schedule

Health & Wellness Centre Groups – Summer 2020

Join a group to gain support from fellow students and learn you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Learn new skills to enhance your university experience and improve your general health and well-being.  

Registered Weekly Groups (weekly attendance, pre-registration required)

Send an email at to: with your name, email and group topic. You will receive a confirmation email with the link for Microsoft Teams.

Self- Compassion Practices for COVID

Date/ Time: Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm. Starting July 7, 2020 until August 11, 2020 (6 weeks)

Learn skills to combat your inner critic by fostering a sense of self-compassion. The group will practice techniques aimed at relating to yourself more kindly, recognizing that the human condition is imperfect, and mindfully experiencing your thoughts and emotions.

COVID-R:  Maintaining Resilience, Cultivating Wellbeing & Planting Seeds for Potential Growth

Date/ Time: Thursdays, 3-4:30pm. Starting July 9, 2020 until Aug 13, 2020 (6 weeks) 

This group will focus on supporting students feeling anxious, irritable, afraid and ambivalent in the wake of an invisible, pervasive and potent pandemic. These stressors can result in procrastination, concentration difficulties, lacking motivation and social isolation. By tapping into our strengths, this group, based on positive psychology research, will teach the students skills to relax and manage their anxiety adaptively, cultivate positive emotions to boost daily wellbeing, strengthen relationships and plant seeds towards potential growth.

Drop-In Groups (can be attended by any student, even if you are currently suspended, on a work term, or taking a semester off)  

New for Summer 2020:  Online Drop-In Groups

Send an email at to: with your name, email and group topic each week you plan to attend. You will receive a confirmation email with the link for Microsoft Teams.


Date/ Time: Fridays 12-1:30pm. Starting July 10, 2020 until August 14, 2020 (6 weeks)

The LGBTQ+ support group is open to any students who identify within the LGBTQ+ community or may be questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. The group will explore LGBTQ+ related topics including coming out processes, experiences of marginalization, and advocacy of queer and trans rights and identities. The group will also offer supportive space for discussion, and a variety of self-care strategies to cope with COVID.

Staying Connected/Cultural Connections

Date/ Time:  Wednesdays 3-4:30pm. Starting July 8, 2020 until August 12, 2020 (6 weeks)

Creating a safer space for racialized students to discuss impacts of racism and oppression, build community, and enhance wellness. Discuss and develop strategies /skills to combat challenges and opportunities to stay connected with friends and families during the quarantine.