Group Therapy Schedule

Health & Wellness Centre Groups – April 2020

Join a group to gain support from fellow students and learn you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Learn new skills to enhance your university experience and improve your general health and well-being.  


Registered Weekly Groups (weekly attendance, pre-registration required)

There are groups that you attend weekly for 6-8 weeks, and are attended by the same group of students each week. You will need to be registered for these groups. Please contact the Health & Wellness Centre via email (, or calling us at 416-287-7065 to connect with a counsellor or helping professional to register.


Check back later for new groups!


Drop-In Groups (can be attended by any student, even if you are currently suspended, on a work term, or taking a semester off)  

New: Online Drop-In Groups

Sign up on UTSC Health & Wellness CLNx calendar and use the link provided to connect for our weekly groups online on the day and time indicated:


Coping with Anxiety and Building Resilience, Thursdays x 4 weeks starting April 9, 5-6pm  

Learn how to cope with COVID related anxiety during uncertain times; Boost your resilience by using strengths;  Enhance your skills to focus/study/prepare for exams; and Manage relationships while maintaining social distance.

Life Skills to Manage Your Mental Health - Mondays x 4 weeks starting April 13, 2-4pm,

Connect with others to learn how to cope with day to day stressors during a pandemic; tips and strategies to address physical health and mental health concerns and developing life skills.