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Group Therapy Schedule

Health & Wellness Centre Counselling and Therapy Groups – Online Sessions for Fall 2021

UTSC Health & Wellness Centre offers three types of health and wellness group sessions. 
Please see the mental health and wellness focused groups and workshops facilitated by Counsellor/Therapists here:

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  1. Mental Health Workshops. These workshops are educational in approach.  They provide information and support to cope and improve your well-being and better understand mental health surrounding various topics and issues.
  2. Drop-in Groups. Participants are encouraged to engage throughout the session. These groups focus on developing and improving self-care strategies. Participants may join these groups at any point throughout the series, weekly registration is required.
  3. Therapy Groups. Weekly attendance is mandatory, and an intake assessment is required. The student must reside in Ontario due to governmental regulations. Therapy groups help change attitudes, behaviour and habits that may be unhelpful; and promote more constructive and adaptive ways of coping.


Topic: Finding Self-Acceptance Using Principles of Self-Compassion 



Date/ Time: Thursdays from 1pm-2:30pm   

Facilitators:  Ahil  

Drop-in Group (Open). 

 Date of First Session: September 23, 2021                             Date of Last Session: November 11, 2021 

Do you put yourself down? Do you feel stressed? Are you afraid of failure? Do you want to learn how to be kinder and more supportive towards yourself?   


This group seeks to provide a space to explore our understanding of ourselves using a compassionate focused lens. This group uses a trauma informed, intersectional approach into exploring identity with curiosity and compassion to learn skills on the path to creating a loving relationship with yourself. 



Topic: LGBTQIA2S PRIDE MONTH Support Group (Drop-In Group) 



Date/ Time: Wednesday from 2pm-3:00pm   

Facilitators:  Ahil & Annie 

Drop-in Group (Open). 

Date of Session: Sept 29; Oct 20; Nov 17; Dec 08, 2021 (4 sessions) 

The LGBTQ+ support group is open to any students who identify within the LGBTQ+ community or may be questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. The group provides an opportunity for folks to connect and share what’s happening for them currently in their lives as we build community together. The group also offers space to explore topics related to LGBTQ+ lived experiences.   




Topic: Post-Pandemic Stress: Strengths-Based Strategies 


Date/ Time: Thursdays from 5pm-6:30  

Facilitators:  Tayyab  

Mental Health Workshop 

 Date of First Session: September 23, 2021                                  Date of Last Session: December 9, 2021 

For more than a year and half, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread and unprecedented disruptions. The way we learnt, attended classes, took exams, socialized and even graduated changed dramatically. These unpreceded changes caused a number of stressors. This experiential and interactive group creates therapeutically conducive space to allow students express their feelings and appraise their stressors. Cushioned by mindfulness, at the beginning and end, of each session, students will be encouraged to create strengths-based and pragmatic strategies to encounter post-pandemic stressors.  




Topic: Combatting Racism: From Bystander to Upstander 


Date/ Time: Tuesdays, 3-4:30pm  

Facilitators:  Tayyab  

Mental Health Workshop 

 Date of First Session: September 21, 2021                                         Date of Last Session: Dec 7, 2021 

COVID-19 has sharpened the structural and societal inequities that have long existed and permeated disproportionately across racialized communities.  These inequities have been maintained by power dynamics that translate into a lack of access to resources and opportunities.  This psycho-educational group aims to create a safe and inclusive space to explore how inequities create psychological distress, impact physical health and maintain cyclical deprivation. The group will also explore the ways that these inequities are embedded in cultural ideas, artifacts and symbols of the superiority of a specific culture and a race. We will also discuss the Will and practical Ways that can help us to move from bystander to upstander—taking purposeful and impactful actions to combat anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, Islamophobia, and other forms of oppression. 




Topic: BIPOC Women’s Drop In Group 

Date/ Time: Wednesdays 2pm-3:30pm     

Facilitators:  Sital & Kirstin 

Drop-in Group (Open).    

  Date of First Session: Wed October 6, 2021                       Date of Last Session: November 24,2021 

This is a drop-in group/space for students who self-identity as she/her and self-identify as “racialized” or “Black, Indigenous, People of Color and/or as Black brown and Asian young women of color. Topics: A space to speak about identity, self-care, mental health, empowerment, and safety. What is identity to for the student; how they navigate their different hats/social spaces. What is empowerment and what does it mean? Self-care and what it feels like and why it’s important. Safety and what that looks like. Establishing boundaries. 


Topic: Let’s Get Crafty Drop-In Group 

Date/ Time: Thursdays 2 -4 pm.  

Facilitators:  Kirstin  

Drop-in Group (Open).    

  Date of First Session:  October 7, 2021         Date of Last Session: November 25, 2021 

Creativity can be an important means for supporting our overall wellness. Accessing our creativity offers us another outlet for expression and helps us to make sense of some of the challenges we may be experiencing in new ways. Join us in this unique online art therapy group as we use easy to find materials, right in our own homes, to create and explore new possibilities for wellness.  This group offers a space to practice letting go of expectations, perfectionism and comparisons. Whether you consider yourself to be a creative person, or you’re simply curious to see what this is all about, join us as all are welcome! 



Topic: Peer To Peer Drop In 

Date/ Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4:40pm  

Facilitators:  Peer Supporters  

Drop-in Group (Open).    

Date of First Session: September 30, 2021         Date of Last Session: December 16, 2021 

This drop-in group is facilitated by students who have been trained in peer support skills and mental health. This group is ideal for students that want to talk about experiences of mental health, learn different coping strategies, and learn about available resources on campus.