Medical Services Overview

medical care

For medical concerns, family doctors and nurses are available to all students registered at the University of Toronto.
The services we provide include: Sexual Health Services and Gender Affirming Primary Care.

Appointments can be made by phone, 416-287-7065, or in person at SL270. 
Please bring your T-Card and health card to book your appointment. 

Medical Services Include:

Several options are available to students with acne. Treatments include medicated ointments/creams/lotions, antibiotics and other oral medications. Students can call and book an appointment at the Welcome Desk.

Students are required to book a doctor's appointment after they have seen their specialist and have received their prescribed serum. Students must bring the serum prescribed by their allergist to the appointment. After this appointment, the student can book their allergy shots with the nurse as prescribed by the allergist.

Nurses only administer an injection when a physician is present in the Health & Wellness Centre.

Students are required to remain in the clinic for 30 minutes after the injection. This is a safety precaution so that help is available if a reaction occurs. Please plan your time to include this wait.

A diagnostic test may be necessary to gather more information about a student’s health, illness, condition, or concern. Diagnostic tests include: blood tests, urine tests, swabs, ultrasounds, CT scans (computed tomography), MRIs and X-rays.

Some diagnostic tests are done in the Health & Wellness Centre. Other tests are arranged off-campus at a hospital or diagnostic clinic. Wait times for test results ranges from 1 to 30 days. Students with abnormal test results are notified by telephone or e-mail to call the Health & Wellness Centre. We do not call students with normal results. Students are welcome to call and book an appointment to follow up with the doctor or call to speak with a nurse about their results.

There are times when a student may have an injury or had surgery that requires a dressing change. Students can call and speak to a nurse and book an appointment for any dressing changes or concerns.  Please bring any instructions from the hospital or surgeon with details of the dressing change.

Students who require immediate attention for an injury can call the Health & Wellness Centre and ask to speak to one of the nurses. If you're able to come to the Centre, First Aid will be provided and you will be booked for a follow-up visit, if needed. If you are unable to get to the Health & Wellness Centre please contact UTSC Campus Safety at 416-287-7333 and/or EMRG at 647-544-3674.

The Health & Wellness Centre offers free flu shots starting in November every fall, and they are available until the end of flu season, usually in April or May.  The Health & Wellness Centre will advertise on the Intranet and through social media when the flu shot is available. You can schedule an appointment with a nurse or drop in during hours of operation.  You will need your valid health card and student card to register. The nurse will ask you some screening questions, and will answer any questions you have. It is necessary to wait 15 minutes after the shot as a safety precaution so help is available if you have a reaction. Please plan your time accordingly.

Future Students
We strongly encourage you to review your immunizations with your family doctor before starting your studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough, to ensure your health is protected while you pursue your studies.  Please click here for charts of recommended immunizations for post-secondary students as a reference. 

Once you start school at UTSC in September, you are welcome to book an appointment to receive any outstanding vaccinations at the Health & Wellness Centre.  To book an appointment, please call us at 416-287-7065 and have your valid T-Card and health card available to provide this information to the administrative team at the Welcome Desk.  

Current Students
Students can call to book an appointment with a doctor to receive an immunization/vaccine. Some vaccines are covered by health insurance and others have an associated cost. Students are encouraged to discuss their immunization history with the doctor during their appointment. Please have your immunization records available when you come for your appointment.  Students who have been immunized in Toronto and want to check what immunization/vaccines they have received in high school, or are seeking general information can call the Immunization Information Hotline at 416-392-1250. For more information about immunization and vaccines please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada

Students will be asked to wait in the office for 15 minutes after receiving any vaccine to ensure help is available if an adverse reaction occurs.

Routine Vaccinations
You can find more information about vaccines and recommendations at the following links:

Health Forms for Third Party Requests
Requests from an employer, volunteer placement or other agency (also known as a ‘third party’) may require students to show evidence of immunity to certain communicable diseases and/or undergo tuberculosis skin testing (TB test), and may have forms to be completed by a doctor or nurse.  Students can call the Welcome Desk to book an appointment with a nurse to start the process of form completion.  You are required to send copies of the forms ahead of your appointment to  Follow up appointments will be arranged, as needed.  Please anticipate multiple appointments for forms to be completed. In addition, since these forms are not medically indicated, there may be costs involved. These costs will vary based on the requirements of the form.  

Travel Immunizations
If you require immunization for travel, we recommend you call a travel clinic. For more information, visit Find a travel health clinic - .

Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARCs) include the copper intrauterine device (IUD) (Paragard), hormonal IUS (intrauterine system) (Kyleena or Mirena), and the contraceptive implant (Nexplanon).  

If you'd like more information about LARCs, please call the Welcome Desk to schedule an appointment with a nurse for Contraceptive Counselling.

The Health & Wellness Centre supports our clients with the following forms:

Certificate of Disability for AccessAbility Services

OSAP Disability Verification Forms

Immunization Forms

Verification of Illness (VOI): Students should record their first absence via the Absence Declaration tool on ACORN. Find the tool under the ACORN Profile and Settings menu. Please contact your Registrar’s Office if you have any questions. Once your self-declaration has been used, you can visit the Health & Wellness Centre to discuss a VOI with a nurse or doctor.  Please note that completion of a VOI form is at the health care provider's discretion.

Contact us to book an appointment. 


Papanicolaou ("Pap") testing is recommended in Ontario starting at the age of 25 for most individuals with a cervix.  Some higher risk individuals may qualify before this age.  You can find more information about these recommendations on the Cancer Care Ontario Cervical Screening webpage.

If you'd like to discuss Pap testing, please call the Health & Wellness Centre and dial extension 3 to speak with a nurse, or if you'd like to speak with a doctor, dial extension 2 to book an appointment. 

The Periodic Health Visit (PHV) is a wellness exam that has replaced the annual physical examination.  For most young, healthy individuals, a PHV is not required.  If you think you may need a PHV, please call to speak with a nurse or schedule a 15-minute appointment to discuss it with your doctor.  A PHV includes a review of your health history, lifestyle and risk factors, sexual health and immunizations. Your first visit with a doctor at the Health & Wellness Centre cannot be for a PHV. Please call the Welcome Desk to book your appointment. It is helpful to have your immunization records and any other documentation regarding your health history available during your appointment so you can refer to them and discuss them with the doctor. If concerns are identified during the appointment, further testing and examinations will be arranged after the appointment or at a later date.  Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointment. (Please note that you are not required to fast.)

Doctors in the Health & Wellness Centre can write prescriptions for medications or therapies offered by other health care providers. Please call the Health & Wellness Centre to book an appointment.

Doctors at the Health & Wellness Centre can refer students to specialist doctors, as necessary. Please call one of the nurses if you are unsure about the kind of specialist you need. Otherwise, please book a doctor's appointment.

Headache, nausea, allergy symptoms, menstrual cramps...
If you feel unwell and are not sure if you need to see a doctor, you can call the nurses or drop in to see a nurse. Nurses can discuss your symptoms and provide you with health information and advice,  or refer you to a doctor/other health care professional for further assessment and investigation when needed.  You can also drop into the Centre during hours of operation to speak with a nurse.

Warts that are bothersome, painful or rapidly multiplying can be removed. Common warts grow on fingers and hands and plantar warts grow on the feet. Plantar warts and genital warts can usually be removed at no cost in the Health & Wellness Centre. However, a charge will apply to remove warts on other areas of the body. Please call to book an appointment with the doctor.

If you would like information on how to quit smoking, please visit a pharmacy and ask to speak with the pharmacist.  You can also contact the Smokers' Helpline, or self-refer yourself to the STOP on the Net program offered through CAMH.