Birth Control

Students may purchase most forms of hormonal birth control prescribed by one of the doctors in the Health & Wellness Centre. Doctors in the Health & Wellness Centre also insert Intra-Uterine Systems. Please book an appointment with the nurse to explore which option is best for you.

Condoms are free and made available in the waiting room for students to pick up anytime during office hours.

How to get birth control at the Health and Wellness Centre:

If you have never taken prescription birth control. First, book an appointment with a nurse for a Birth Control Counselling session at the front desk. Following this session, if you decide you want birth control, book a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription.
If you have taken birth control in the past and you need a new prescription. Prescription birth control can only be purchased at the Health and Wellness Centre if it has been prescribed by a physician here. Please book a doctor’s appointment so you can use this service.
If you have a prescription from another doctor (such as your family doctor). Book a doctor’s appointment at the Health & Wellness Centre to arrange for the prescription to be transferred.

You are welcome to book a Birth Control Counselling session with a nurse if you want to discuss your options.