Educational Benefits & Professional Development

Please note that Tuition Waivers are only viable for applicable courses within the University of Toronto, while Educational Assistance may be viable only for applicable courses taken outside of U of T.

For more information about Tuition Waivers, please contact our office and we will gladly assist you.

Related Resources

  • U of T School of Continuing Studies (SCS)
    • Offers a diverse variety of certificate programs and courses for upgrading existing skills or developing new skills in areas such as business, arts and science, and languages, with flexible schedules to suit individual needs. 
    • Click the link here to find what courses and programs are currrently available at SCS
  • Centre for Learning, Leadership & Culture (LLC)
    • A valuable resource centre providing training and development courses and programs for U of T managers and staff which focus on various career and life skills.
    • Click the link here to find what courses are currently available at LLC
CUPE 3261, IBEW, CAW Staff Tuition Waiver Request
Faculty/Librarian, Research Associates and CUPE L2484 Staff Tuition Waiver Request
OPSEU 519 Staff Tuition Waiver Request Form
Professional Development/Educational Assistance Application Form for Faculty & Librarians and Unionized Staff
Professional Development/Educational Assistance Application Form for PM & Confidential and Research Associate Staff
Professional Managers & Confidential Staff Tuition Waiver
Scholarship Program for Dependants of Faculty, Librarians, Professional / Managers & Research Associates
Tuition Waiver Form for Dependants of Active, Retired or Deceased Staff
USW Staff Tuition Waiver