Accomplished Service Excellence Award - Submissions Closed

Please note that submissions are now closed for the 2021 Accomplished Service Excellence Service Award. Submissions for the 2022 Accomplished Service Excellence Service Award will be open in June 2022. 

Deadline for nominations:  August 27, 2021 at 5:00 PM 


The Accomplished Service Excellence Award recognizes employees in managerial roles who have demonstrated sustained exceptional leadership competencies over a period of time, resulting in continuing high quality outcomes in their areas of responsibility that make a measurable, demonstrable impact beyond their particular units.


The Accomplished Service Excellence Award is open to those who are staff-appointed, non-probationary status in a leadership position at UTSC in a non-union and/or union employee group. To be eligible for this award, candidates are required to have a minimum of one (1) year of leadership experience at UTSC and a minimum of three (3) years at UofT in a leadership role. A maximum of two awards will be offered in this category.  

Note that winners of this award will not be eligible for future awards in this category.

Selection Criteria

Demonstrable record of:

  • Supporting/Fostering environment of collaborative partnerships and synergies across UTSC and/or UofT in support the University’s academic mission and the campus’ strategic goal of inclusive excellence;
  • Promoting an inclusive culture and sense of community and belonging on campus through support, participation and collaboration in EDI initiatives;
  • Demonstrating commitment to encouraging professional development within unit and supporting staff to assume greater responsibility and/or assignments that will lead to growth;
  • Seeking opportunities to engage broadly and encourage colleagues to do the same;
  • Supporting a culture of leadership that is bold, empathetic, shared, transparent, inclusive and transformational;
  • Promoting and supporting an inclusive, healthy, learning and working environment.

For more information on what to include in your nomination package, please refer to the  Principal's Service Excellence Awards Sample Nomination Package for more details.

Please contact Human Resource Services at for information on the Emerging Leader Excellence Award .
The list of past recipients can be found at our Past Award Recipients page.