This Is UTSC

From its very beginnings, the University of Toronto Scarborough has been a leader in innovative approaches to higher education. Scarborough is a meeting place of peoples from around the world where we engage with local and global challenges and opportunities.
Inspiring inclusive excellence means embracing and promoting the enriching contributions that come from the diverse backgrounds, ways of knowing, ideas, perspectives, and experiences represented in our community.

Inspiring Inclusive Excellence

We are dedicated to fostering an academic community in which the learning and scholarship of every member may flourish, with vigilant protection for individual human rights, and a resolute commitment to the principles of equal opportunity, equity and just

An Anchor Institution in the Eastern GTA

We are one of the world’s great universities. We connect and contribute to our community. We are an anchor institution in the Eastern GTA. We are, the University of Toronto – Scarborough, and this is our home.

Meet UTSC student Changmiao

Changmiao loves the many clubs he participates in, the nature trail at U of T Scarborough, and Toronto basketball culture. What will your #UofT​ be?

Innovative Teaching with Professor Heidi Daxberger

With the shift from in-person learning to virtual classrooms, U of T Scarborough Professor Heidi Daxberger from the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences had to find creative ways to bring the outdoors online.

Professor Maydianne Andrade

At U of T Scarborough, we are committed to creating an environment where you can come and achieve what YOU want to achieve.

Memorable moments of 2020

2020 was a year of firsts, learning, innovation, and growth for the University of Toronto Scarborough community. It was a year that challenged us—but also brought out the best in our community. Here's some of the many moments from the past year that are w

Scholarly Prominence

Contributions from our professors, students and new research partnerships will establish U of T Scarborough’s prominence as a global research leader.

Olivia Podolak Lewandowska

More than 1,100 university members were involved in the creation of our new strategic plan. Staff, faculty and students of different backgrounds, experiences and opinions came together to create a meaningful roadmap to 2025.

Professor Marc Cadotte

We strive for faculty and researchers to feel they are included, have opportunities to succeed, and are fully supported at U of T Scarborough.

Meet UTSC student Olga Popova

Olga, a U of T Scarborough Management student, encourages all U of T students to join a club since it is the “core and the root of the connection you will be able to have with people”.

Accessible nature trail at U of T Scarborough

The four-season Valley Land Trail connects our campus to the beauty of the Highland Creek Valley in a winding, accessible trail featuring a wheelchair charging station, lookout points and lighting. At 500-metres long, the trail descends a 19-metre slope a

Intentional Inclusion and Relational Accountability

We will continue to put in place measures that will hold us accountable to ensure that underrepresented, equity-deserving communities are properly represented and included among students, staff and faculty.

Meet UTSC grad Axel

Axel became founder and CEO of Stagekeep, an app for dance choreographers to map out their routines, as a student at U of T Scarborough. What will your #UofT​ be?

Deep and Enduring Partnerships

The partnerships we create at U of T Scarborough will allow our students, staff, faculty, and alumni, to continue acting as a force for positive change, both on our campus, and beyond.

Meet UTSC student Shile

Shile, an International Development Studies student at #UTSC​, is already putting her knowledge into practice by working with an NGO to help communities in Ghana cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet Anthony Gebrehiwot

Scarborough native Anthony Gebrehiwot shares how his humble beginnings and road to self-discovery shaped his exhibit From Boys to Men: The Road to Healing currently at the Doris McCarthy Gallery.


We celebrated our annual arts festival at U of T Scarborough with our signature bright pink style.

Meet Highland Hall

Highland Hall, U of T Scarborough's newest building, is a new home to several student services, academic departments, study spaces and much more.