Frequently Asked Questions: Highland Hall

Map of Highland Hall
We are happy to announce that classes that were temporarily relocated for the first week of school will be held in Highland Hall starting Monday, September 10. Course times and locations may be accessed on the course timetable website. Highland Hall is not fully open at this time, and we ask that those not in a scheduled class to please keep the area clear as we work to put the final touches on the building. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.
What areas of Highland Hall (HL) are open?
Lower level classrooms and lecture halls (HL001, HL006, HL008 and HL010) and washrooms will be open as of Monday, September 10. Construction continues on other areas of the building, and we ask that you exit Highland Hall promptly after lectures and tutorials are finished.
How can I enter Highland Hall (HL)?
Enter Highland Hall through Floor 2 of Bladen Wing or through the lower level path heading north from the bus loop. Signs will be posted to guide you.
Are the classrooms accessible?
All classrooms are accessible. There is an elevator available to travel between the lower and ground levels.
Is there Wi-Fi in HL?
Yes, wireless is fully operational but with construction work continuing in the building, occasional interruptions are possible.
When will the study and seating areas be available to use?
Study carrels and lounge furniture for the Student Commons and other floors of the building are being installed over the next few weeks and will be ready as the building opens in stages. Study areas should be available by late October.
When will departments be moving into the building?
Departments are tentatively scheduled to move in starting mid-October. The move will start with the second floor, and will progress up through the building floor-by-floor at one week intervals. The final move will be the ground floor, tentatively scheduled for mid-November.
Is there any food available in Highland Hall?
A café is schedule to open in late October. It will feature Fairtrade coffee, handcrafted specialty sandwiches and paninis, homemade soups and fresh baked goods.