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AccessAbility - General Services

AccessAbility Services provides academic accommodations and supports for undergraduate, graduate and non-degree students with disabilities and health considerations, including mental health conditions, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), sensory disabilities, chronic health conditions, concussions or head injuries, mobility or functional disabilities and temporary disabilities and injuries.

To register with AccessAbility Services please visit the Registration Information webpage and complete the Online Intake Registration Form.

If you have not yet registered with AccessAbility Services, please visit the Registration Information webpage and complete the Online Intake Registration Form.  If you have already connected and registered with AccessAbility Services, please contact the front desk staff to book an appointment, by phone (416) 287-7560 or email If you leave a voicemail, please leave your full name and a phone number at which staff members may contact you.

AccessAbility Services will be open in Winter 2022 for appointments and front line supports. Students can meet with Disability Consultants and Assistive Technology Consultants on MS Teams, by phone, or book an in-person appointment.

Note: Students can go to the UTSC MS Teams site to install and access MS TEAMS on their device. For assistance downloading the MS TEAMS application, please contact the student helpdesk at 416-287-4357 (HELP) or

If you experience technical difficulties connecting during an MS Teams call, you can reach out the AccessAbility Services front desk staff at 418-287-7560 or

If you are seeing a healthcare provider at Health & Wellness within the University of Toronto, you will still be able to connect with them over the phone. Find more information on the UTSC Health & Wellness website.

AccessAbility Services also considers your lived experience for accommodation planning. During the Intake process the service will assess your eligibility for services and discuss next steps. Students will be required to submit medical documentation to the service, upon request.

Students who are registered with AccessAbility Services have access to their accommodations while attending courses online. Please contact your Disability Consultant should you have specific questions about how your accommodations translate to an online learning environment. If you have general questions or would like to book an appointment please contact the office at 416-287-7560 or

If your full-time status changed because of the transition to online learning, please connect with your Disability Consultant. If you receive OSAP, we recommend you speak with a Financial Aid Advisor in the Office of the Registrar and an Academic Advisor to discuss degree and program planning.

Should you require specific services for online lectures, please reach out to to discuss next steps. There are many alternative options for you to access lecture content remotely.

Yes, AccessAbility Services volunteer note takers take notes for online lectures and upload them to the notetaking portal on myAIMS.

Students are asked to request note taking accommodations for their courses as early as possible, and to check their course notes regularly in myAIMS.  If students experience difficulties finding a note taker match in myAIMS, or have issues with missing lecture notes, please contact or call 416-208-2662 as soon as possible.

You may be eligible to receive accommodations based on your medical condition. Please review the Online Intake Registration process on our website and complete the Online Intake Registration Form to register for supports.  You may also contact AccessAbility Services at 416-287-7560 or to discuss next steps.

AccessAbility - Tests, Midterms & Exam Accommodations

Accommodated Test and Exams is still operational and providing accommodated testing support to students for online tests and exams.

Registered students should continue to request accommodations for their timed tests/exams via myAIMS.  

Additional writing time, stopped clock breaks as well as breaks will be added to your total test writing time. Students are strongly encouraged to use their break time as intended. Quercus will not shut down or "time out" if you step away from your computer during the allotted time for your testing. For more detailed steps, please see our Taking a Timed Exam on Quercus instruction document (MS Word).

As long as you submit your request to write with accommodations to the Accommodated Tests and Exams office through myAIMS, then your allocated extra time will be facilitated by that office. You do not need to reach out to your instructor, but it is very important that you register for any online tests/exams as early as possible to ensure this is arranged prior to your test/exam time.

In the Quercus application, under the Course Navigation, please click the Quizzes link then click the Exam to see its duration and the exact date/time it will open.

For step-by-step instructions, please view Taking a Timed Exam in Quercus instructions (MS Word).

Registration for timed tests and exams remains the same.  Registered students should submit their requests for accommodations through myAIMS.

Students should email to discuss this with the Accommodated Test and Exam Services. In your email, please state if you have received any information from the professor regarding the status of the exam.

A take-home exam is a timed assignment that replaces a final exam. Generally, an Instructor has already built-in extra time for students with accommodations to complete their final exam.  However, if you feel that you require additional time or other accommodations for your take-home exam, please reach out to your Disability Consultant.

When reaching out to your Disability Consultant, please provide them with as much detail about the exam as possible, including deadlines, timeframes, and any announcements your professor has made about the exam.

For an assignment, which may have been provided with weeks or months to prepare, a student can request an extension of up to one week from the due date, if this is included as one of their approved accommodations. 

If you have questions related to additional time or extensions, please communicate with your Disability Consultant.

See below for tips for using Assistive Technology in Quercus.

For Chrome: Kurzweil 3000 Read the Web text to speech 

For Firefox: Jaws Screen Reader, NVDA screen reader, Dragon speech recognition, ZoomText screen enhancement 

For Safari: VoiceOver screen reader (Macintosh OS)

Compatible with Quercus: Windows OS accessibility options, Macintosh OS accessibility options 

General Accessibility Resources

AccessAbility - Academics

If you have not yet registered with AccessAbility Services, please visit the Online Intake Registration web page for more information on how to access supports. 

If you are already registered with AccessAbility Services, you can discuss your disability-related petition by booking an appointment with your Disability Consultant. Petitions are submitted through the Office of the Registrar. Visit the Registrar’s Office website for petition guidelines.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms and need to petition your course work, please review the COVID-19 Absence Declaration.

AccessAbility - BSWD Funding

If you are currently receiving BSWD funding for in-course supports/or other services, please connect with your Disability Consultant and Enrollment Services should you have any further questions.

If you have recently submitted a BSWD application (and are waiting for confirmation of approval), UTSC students with disabilities can check the status of your application and funding by going to the online portal listed on the Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities page.

BSWD receipts can be submitted by email to Please ensure your name and student number are located on the receipts, as well as a standard cover sheet.  

A standard cover sheet to accompany your receipts is available from the Enrolment Services website. Receipts will also be accepted as PDF from your University of Toronto email, please keep copies of your receipts for your records.

Any unused bursary funds must be repaid by a money order, certified cheque or bank draft payable to the University of Toronto at this email address: Please ensure your name and student number is located on the cheque/money order or bank draft.

Photocopies of your cheque/money order or bank draft will be accepted as PDF from your University of Toronto email, please keep copies for your records.

AccessAbility - Learning and Social Support

Supportive writing services are available through the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Writing Support. If you would like to attend a session please visit the Writing Support tutoring website to book a one-on-one appointment.

To help with the online learning/testing format there are a number of reference tips, referral pathways and next steps, please download Accessibility Resources for Students in Online Learning and the COVID-19 Response: Take Home Tests and Online Exams.

Visit the AccessAbility Services Event web page for the latest events and learning support workshops.