Access to Campus - UTogether

Student Access to Campus

The University will be pausing the requirement to be fully vaccinated on May 1, 2022. Please note this requirement may be reinstated on short notice should public health conditions or guidance change.

UCheck continues to be available for uploading proof of vaccination and boosters but other aspects of the program have been paused. Those seeking vaccination appointments can refer to the provincial vaccination portal or visit the UTogether vaccine site.

General Safety & Physical Distancing Measures

The university's mask requirements have been lifted. Some members of our community may choose to continue to wear a mask. Please remember to respect each other’s decisions, comfort levels and health needs. Mask requirements may be reinstated at short notice in the event public health guidance or recommendations change.

You can find mask dispensing locations across campus.

Mask Dispensers

  • SW entrance
  • ARC Entrance
  • Student Centre (in front of SCSU office)
  • Krembil Study Commons (Highland Hall)
  • HW by Pizza Forno Machine
  • Instructional Centre
  • Environmental Sciences Building
  • Sy Building
  • Highland Hall by Bus Loop
  • MW Building
  • Health & Wellness Centre
  • Library
  • SCSU Office

Physical distancing and capacity limits are no longer required in indoor spaces in both academic instructional spaces and non-instructional spaces. Physical distancing in areas such as lecture halls, labs, study areas as well as offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, food service areas and gyms is no longer required.

Libraries and classrooms will be cleaned five times per week, while surfaces that people frequently come into contact with--including elevator buttons and doorknobs--will be disinfected twice a day, in keeping with Public Health Ontario guidelines.

Caretaking staff are also using a new, chlorine-based solution approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that caused COVID-19).


The university has installed hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipe dispensers across the three campuses so that people can easily disinfect their hands. Each dispenser will be touchless and installed at an accessible height in visible locations.