Hire From Our Talent Pool: Canadian Water Summit 2022


 Arts & Science Co-op Students: Master of Environmental Science Students:
  • Talented undergraduate students from over 35 academic program areas including:

    • Physical and Environmental Sciences

    • Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics

    • Psychology and Mental Health Sciences

    • Life Sciences

    • Liberal Arts

  • Our students arrive at your workplace well prepared. They've completed extensive (over eight months) of in-person career preparation courses before their first work term.
  • Students are available year-round for work term durations of 4-,8- or 12-months, beginning in January, May or September.
  • Recruitment can begin as early as four months prior to the start of the position. With the help of our team, you could complete your hiring in as few as 10 business days.
  • Are high caliber graduate students from relevant undergraduate backgrounds, predominantly in science or engineering.
  • Complete 8 months of intensive course work from a catalogue of 30+ challenging courses, developed and taught with the specific needs of the professional environmental industry in mind.
  • Come prepared to jumpstart their careers with 8 months of indispensable professional career-development and communications training.

The MEnvSc Program offers exciting student talent from three unique Fields of Study. All three fields focus on bridging with society, developing and communicating policy in order to respond to environmental issues on a municipal, national and global level.

  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems: Students are trained in multidisciplinary techniques in monitoring, assessment, remediation and restoration.

  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: Students are trained in the how and why of climate change: utilizing numerical climate models/coding, analytical methods, future forecasting and regional impact assessment.

  • Conservation Biology: Students are trained in conservation biology, biodiversity management, conservation policy, impact mitigation and assessment, taxonomy and ecology protection.

U of T Scarborough Co-op and Internship programs:
  • Flexible: Students can be hired for 4-,8-,12- month work terms or, for Master students, entry level, contract/permanent positions - you decide what works best for your team.
  • Supportive: we have connections with a wide variety of funding partners to help connect you to suitable wage subsidy programs.
  • Easy to work with: we take care of posting your role, scheduling interviews and extending offers of employment.


Questions? Contact us.

Leslie Rouatt

Arts & Science Co-op
Leslie Rouatt (she/her)
Industry & Partnership Development Lead
University of Toronto Scarborough
Arts & Science Co-op
Phone: 647-394-2120
Email: cooppartner.utsc@utoronto.ca


Joanna Ying-Fiss

Master of Environmental Science
Joanna Ying-Fiss (she/her)
MEnvSC Internship Coordinator
University of Toronto Scarborough
Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
Phone: 416-287-7506
Email: hiremasters.utsc@utoronto.ca