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Voices from the margins of the Francophonie – DHS prof hosting podcast series


A DHS Professor is hosting the latest season of a French-language podcast dedicated to bringing forth ideas from all corners of the Francophonie directly to your earbuds.

Associate Professor Laura Bisaillon is helming the third season of a podcast by CREFO (Le Centre de recherches en éducation franco-ontarienne) at OISE entitled Quoi de neuf ? (What’s New?) exploring questions and answers in the social sciences and humanities and beyond the university.

The third season of Quoi de neuf ? explores the theme of the production and dissemination of knowledge about mobility, the Francophonie, minoritization, the body, and the State in various world contexts.

This season features guests from all five continents, including from places you might not expect: Australia, South Korea, and Turkey among others. Bisaillon talks with 15 people from 3 Canadian provinces and 9 countries.

“I prioritized engaging with Francophones whose first language is not French and who hail from outside the two dominant French-speaking jurisdictions in the West: France and Quebec,” says Bisaillon. “We’re exploring research being done in the social sciences and humanities and beyond the university across the Francophonie. Listeners will hear what they might not think of as traditional French speakers residing in unexpected places – some Franco-Romanian and Burundian, others in Hong Kong and Ethiopia.”

The podcast features ideas percolating in anthropology, history, medicine, sociology, and sociolinguistics among others, and covers a wide variety of topics. The first episode saw Bisaillon speak with Annette Boudreau, professor emerita in sociolinguistics at the University of Moncton, about “linguistic insecurity.” A conversation with Seok-Kyeong Hong, professor of media studies at Seoul National University, examines the popularity of K-Pop and South Korean television dramas. A discussion with Joseph Bitamba, filmmaker, centred on his recent award-winning film about women survivors of genocide in Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi, as well as his work with diaspora youth in Toronto.

Guests this season include: Lorena Anton, Romania; Joseph Bitamba, Ontario/Burundi; Annette Boudreau, New Brunswick; Christina Clark-Kazak, Ontario; Ghassan Hage, Australia/Lebanon; Seok-Kyeong Hong, South Korea; Jim House, England; Joseph Jean-Gilles, Quebec/Haiti; Janina Kehr, Austria; Madeleine Leclair, Switzerland; Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay, Eeyou Istchee and Tio’tia:ke; Viviane Namaste, Quebec; Alula Pankhurst, Ethiopia; Angelica Pesarini, Ontario/Italy; Facil Tesfaye, Hong Kong; and Nilgün Tutal, Turkey.

You can listen to the podcast here: