Health Studies BSc Major

Major programs in UTSC’s Department of Health and Society promote an understanding of health across a spectrum of academic perspectives: from the clinical and biological health sciences to social science and humanistic ways of knowing. Health Studies assesses how individual behaviour affects individual health, examines how health systems and public policy works to promote population health, focuses on the identification of health patterns using large-scale survey data, and applications of this data for innovative health promoting strategies. What binds together these disciplinary approaches is a consciousness of the need for rigorous biological knowledge to be understood in tandem with the social milieux of human health and embodiment. Above all, this interdisciplinary program is built around an evidence-based paradigm, to which the faculty in the program are unreservedly committed.

Students who choose to major in Population Health (BSc) will be well-equipped to pursue careers that require a deep understanding of the mechanisms of health and disease. Students will learn about the biological determinants of health, epidemiology, aging and the life cycle, and the impact of environmental factors on health, both in a Canadian and global context. Graduates will have a strong interdisciplinary experience that will provide them with a solid understanding of the biological basis for health and disease including infectious, non communicable, environmental diseases and the social determinants of health.

Typical career pathways may include: public health and epidemiology, environmental health, rehabilitation, long term care, medicine and allied health professions (including nursing, physical rehabilitation, occupational health), research and academia.

Detailed major requirements are listed on the academic course calendar.