DHS Prof’s film makes festival debut

Poster drawing of a woman in distress holding her face

A film by DHS Associate Professor Laura Bisaillon will be screened at the Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF) this month.

The film “The Unmaking of Medical Inadmissibility” emerges from Prof. Bisaillon’s study of Canada’s immigration system, which culminated in the book Screening Out (2022). The film and book are first-ever analyses of the medical, legal, and bureaucratic practices governing the immigration medical program from the perspective of the very people to whom exclusionary health policy is directed. It tells the story of four women’s experiences navigating this regime as they attempt to immigrate to Canada.

“I was thrilled when CLiFF informed me it selected our film as one of the 16 featured films,” said Prof. Bisaillon. “The film is about the immigration application health work of people with chronic illness and developmental or genetic difference. Immigrating is a form of labour that requires time, effort, intention, skill, and money.”  

CLiFF provides a national platform for showing and telling stories of workers and bringing the subject of unpaid work into a public discussion. “The Unmaking of Medical Inadmissibility” will be shown in 20 screenings across Canada – from Yukon to Nova Scotia. The festival takes place from November 5th to 29th. Screenings of “The Unmaking of Medical Inadmissability” are free to attend.

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