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Critical Conversations 2022: Imagining and Enacting Transnational Disability Studies

Smiling woman in a wheelchair

What is transnational disability studies and what are the foundations needed to foster its growth? This discussion will focus on building bridges between disability studies and the global, highlighting the concepts of solidarity, multilingualism, the politics of intervention, and cultural relativism. Speakers will discuss their own efforts and projects that bring together disability studies in transnational contexts, highlighting the tensions, possibilities, and foundations of solidarity that arise through working across difference. This includes a discussion with the editors of the multilingual global section of the Review of Disability Studies journal; a research team developing a transnational multilingual archive of disability; and the role of the arts in facilitating difficult conversations. How can we begin to have difficult conversations while making space for the tensions necessary in building towards a transnational disability studies rooted in difference and solidarity? How can we push towards more careful and critical conceptualizations of the particular and the universal? How can the messy territory of developing a transnational disability studies shape the work, teaching, and allyship of disability studies scholars in the global north? Through a discussion of these topics using concrete examples, this panel invites a deep grappling with the foundations and implications of building towards global solidarity.


The Critical Conversations series from the Centre for Global Disability Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) brings together scholars, activists, and researchers to discuss timely issues that impact global disability justice. The Critical Conversations Series seeks to uphold the Centre for Global Disability Studies values of promoting accessibility in academic conversations, building interdisciplinary community, and supporting anti-ableist scholarship and activism that furthers anti-colonial and transnational perspectives.  

This year’s Critical Conversations series highlights the research expertise of advanced graduate students who have contributed significantly to CGDS through curated roundtable events featuring our 2022 graduate student RA Fellows in conversation with invited speakers.

The 2022 Critical Conversations series will take place virtually on a Zoom webinar platform. These are live events and will not be recorded.

Live captions, ASL, and other specified language translation will be provided. Please submit other access requests or needs in your RSVP form, or contact with questions.

To attend virtually, please RSVP for the event you would like to attend using the links below. Those who have RSVP’d will receive an email with a link to join the live webinar.

Wed, 05/25/2022 - 10:00 to 11:30

Panelists: Efrat Gold, Hemachandran Kara, Sona Kazemi, Nicole Schott,  
Moderator: Efrat Gold
Host: Cassandra Hartblay, Director, CGDS