Shana Ye

Shana Ye

Assistant Professor
Women's and Gender Studies


Dr. Shana Ye is an assistant professor in Women and Gender Studies at University of Toronto Scarborough and in the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. Her/their research lies at the intersection of transnational feminism, queer studies, post/socialist studies and theories of affect and trauma. Shana’s work up to date has examined the ways in which discourses of queer sexualities in post/socialism compete, align and are produced through history of colonialism, Cold War ideology, globalized modalities of neoliberalism, and new forms of empire making. From the perspectives of trauma and affective life, her/their book-in-progress, Red Father, Pink Son: Queer Socialism and Post/socialist Queer critiques explores how radical sexual practice and politics in socialism are rendered invisible in Western-centric transnational queer studies. Centering on the “impossible” queer socialist subject—in China’s Cultural Revolution, HIV/AIDS movements, institutionalization of queer Chinese studies, transnational grassroots queer/feminist activism, as well as Chinese neocolonialism, Shana’s project brings to the forefront questions of representation, queer mode of knowing, and the sexualized, gendered, and racialized power relations in transnational queer praxis.

Shana sees the goal of feminist education and research as to advance social justice. She/ze is committed not only to increasing LGBTQ visibility in the classroom and professional venues, but also to “queering” the academic institution by challenging its systemic sexism, heteronormativity, classism, ableism and meritocracy. Shana holds a PhD in Feminist Studies and in Developmental Studies and Social Change from the University of Minnesota. She/ze is currently serving on the boards of Society for Queer Asian Studies (SQAS) affiliated with Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and North American Asian Feminist Collaborative (NAAF) caucus at National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA).

Shana’s recent publications include:

“A Reparative Return to ‘Queer Socialism’: Male Same-Sex Desires in the Cultural Revolution,” in Sexuality in China: Histories of Power and Pleasure, edited by Howard Chiang, University of Washington (forthcoming).

“Reconstructing the Transgendered Self as a Feminist Subject: Trans/Feminist Praxis in Urban China,” TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Vol 3. Numbers 1-2 (2016): 259-65.