Series on Tamil Worlds

Series on Tamil Worlds for 2016-17

1. Forest, Environmental Change and kanikkaran tribal Community in Tamil Nadu, October 5, 5-7pm (Rm 317, Jackman Humanities Institute, UTSG)

2. Poetry, Fiction and Authorial Identity in D. Dilip kumar's Short Stories, October 6, 4-6pm (208, Asian institute, UTSG)

3. Resettling Jaffna: Ethnic and Caste Relations in Post War Sri Lanka, October 27, 6-8pm (AA160, UTSC)

4. Remembering John Bernard Bate, Anthropologist and scholar of Tamil, October 28, 12-2pm (208N, Asian Institute, UTSG)

5. Acting Up: Gender and theatre in India, November 3, 6-8pm (AA160, UTSC)

6. Learning from Sri Lanka, Sharing session by student interns, November TBA, 6-8pm (UTSC)

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