Success Stories

The Green Path program is a unique academic preparation program that admits excellent high school graduates from prestigious high school partners in China and other countries to the University of Toronto.  Through the past eleven years,  many outstanding graduates excelled  in their pursuits. Nearly 40 percent of all Green Path students  choose to advance their academic studies and are offered admission into  graduate programs of the top-ranked universities in the world. Over 40 percent of students are able to find jobs in Canada and the US after graduation. The remaining  20 percent pursue their career objectives in their home countries.  Here are a few inspiring stories about our program and campus from former students in the program:




"Upon entering uoft, I spent two years in general science and entered pharmacy school at UofT. I started working part time during pharmacy school in several Shoppers Drug Mart locations close to campus where I learned most of the hands-on skills such as how to interact with clients and how to take responsibility and ownership which later on proved to be the most important skills of all. I'm forever indebted to green path program for the valuable experience and the firm foundation. Upon graduation, I remained with Shoppers Drug Mart as staff pharmacist and pharmacy manager for a few years before taking on the challenge of becoming the associate owner of one of the SDM stores. I can not express more gratitude towards all the friends, colleagues and teachers for their immense guidance and tireless effort that helped me become the person I am today."



Most Management graduates move on to be leaders in business, and that's what Serena Song had in mind when she came to UTSC. But this Management Co-op student in Finance quickly discovered a love for research and for teaching. She's been pretty successful, too, as she was accepted directly from her undergraduate program into the University of Rochester's Simon Business School to get her PhD in Accounting.



When She graduated in 2003, Mengtian Bao became the first UTSC student to win three pretigious awards - the silver Governer General's Academic Medal, the John Black Aird Scholarship and The Rose Sheinin Award - in the same year. This is the first time that a single student has been awarded all three of these top U of T honours.

Mengtian came to UTSC from Nanjing as a Green Path student. Green Path is an innovative program that brings top students from Asia to learn English, become immersed in Canadian culture and study at UTSC. Always seeking a challenge, in her fourth year Mengtian took on a research project on stochastic calculus and its application in finance, normally studied at the graduate level.


SUN,Yang & TIAN,Xinxin

When Kobe Sun and Camellia Tian first met on a Green Path class trip, little did they know it would be the start of remarkable journey together. Despite being from the same high school in China the couple only met for the first time at Canada’s Wonderland 2010. They are now happily married.  

“It’s such a great program because it made the transition to a new country so much easier,” says Sun, who graduated from UTSC with a degree in Computer Science and currently works at Amazon Canada.  “But the trip we took to Wonderland will always stick out as something special,” he says with a smile.

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the Green Path program, a 12-week summer preparatory program that invites top high school students from China to build their academic skills while adapting to life in Canada. Once students successfully complete the program, they go directly into first-year undergraduate studies at U of T.

“Green Path is a reflection of the increasingly connected and diversified world we live in,” says UTSC Principal Bruce Kidd, who addressed the graduates.