Green Path to Success

The Green Path Program was launched in 2005 when 15 students from top tier high schools in the People's Republic of China came to Canada to study at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). Since then, over thousands of superior Chinese high school graduates have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to realize their education and career path ambitions. This 12-week summer experience transforms qualified high school graduates from China, to first-year university students at Canada’s highest ranked university.

The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) Green Path Program is comprised of four distinct parts:

  1.  A 12-week summer UTSC Academic Preparation Program, from mid May until early August each year
  2. 0.5 University of Toronto Credit Course: "Exploring Inter-Cultural Perspectives in Academic Contexts" -- CTLA02H3
  3.  A 12-week summer residential experience on the UTSC campus, and
  4.  Admission to a four-year degree program at the University of Toronto Scarborough for those students who successfully complete the Academic Preparation Program

Through the past fourteen year history, over 2,450 students have successfully studied here at the University of Toronto through the Green Path Program. The University has worked to establish meaningful relationships with partner schools and parents to ensure Green Path students get off to a great start in Canada. Over the summer each year, a group arrives in late May and lives in residence. Green Path students take classes, attend field trips and pursue activities that prepare them for life in Canada and undergraduate life at UTSC in the fall.

Green Path focuses on English language skills, life skills, and orientation to Canadian culture and society. Once the students complete the program successfully, they go directly into undergraduate studies. The program’s success has played an important role in deepening the relationship between UTSC and the top source countries of international students including the People's Republic of China, leading to new scholarship and Co-op opportunities for Green Path students with companies across the country including the Bank of China headquarters in Beijing and Fairmout Hotel Nanjing.