Extracurricular Activities

Athletics & Recreation

The Department of Athletics and Recreation creates a respectful and inclusive environment that promotes opportunity and overall well-being through physical activity.

Department of Student Life 

The Department of Student Life at the University of Toronto Scarborough offers exciting programs, cultivates strong communities and provides opportunities that enhance the student experience outside of the classroom.

U of T Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record is designed to help students find opportunities at U of T beyond the classroom and to have their skills and experiences captured on an official document. 

Green Path Association

As the organization for students recruited through the Green Path Program, which is for directly recruiting high school student form China, GPA's primary objective is to cooperate with the Office of Student Recruitment and Registrar, the Office of Student Housing & Residence Life, the Office of Hospitality and Retail Services, and University of Toronto-School of Continuing Studies.