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12-week Academic Preparation Program Overview

The specific learning objectives, after completing the program, are to enable students to:

  1. Strengthen note-taking, summarizing, and critical thinking ability
  2. Practice information-management skills by using multiple sentences, and precise expression of complex academic points of view
  3. Familiarize and use standard North American citation and annotation systems
  4. Plan and write well-developed summaries, responses and essays with greater accuracy and organization
  5. Read and interpret academic texts and articles, analyze and evaluate their implications
  6. Lead and participate in class discussions
  7. Speak with confidence, fluency and accuracy in seminars and presentations
  8. Deliver multimedia presentations with greater accuracy, fluency and confidence
  9. Increase the vocabulary of colloquialisms, terminology and technology terminology
  10. Exercise effective test-taking strategies
  11. Develop academic research skills
  12. Use online learning tools to your academic advantage

We encourage students to take advantage of the GP program to learn about the UTSC community, explore a variety of resources provided by the University of Toronto Scarborough, and develop a social network for personal growth.