Why Hire Interns?

Employers value MEnvSc recruitment for the following reasons:

  • Access to an exclusive pool of specialized environmental employment candidates, specifically trained to meet your needs
  • An opportunity to hire graduate-level students in a internship setting
  • Potential eligibility for a $3000 tax credit
  • A recruitment tool, students can be invited to continue working for your organization for longer term contracts, or even added to your staffing complement on a permanent full-time basis
  • An ideal source of personnel to cover for staff leaves or vacations or to help you through a specific project or busy period
  • There is no cost to post an opportunity or to interview our students, and there is no fee to hire them
  • Access to university professionals who help administrate and coordinate the hiring process, including advertising your positions, collecting the applications, prescreening based on your criteria, and scheduling the students for interviews, all free of charge.