Tom Harner

Tom Harner

Adjunct Professor
Environment Canada


Canadian respresentative on several international working group(s) dealing with planning/reporting under the Effectiveness Evaluation of the Stockholm Convention on POPs and the Global Monitoring Plan

Pioneer of the PUF-disk passive air sampler and manager of the Global Atmospheric Passive Sampling (GAPS) Network - the first initiative to measure POPs on a global basis

Collaborates nationally and internationally both in government and academia, leading a research group comprising staff scientists, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students


Research Interests: 

Process research on the sources and fate of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic compounds that are susceptible to long-range atmospheric transport

  • Developing new air sampling technologies and strategies for persistent organic pollutants (POPs) including passive air sampling
  • Contributing to Canada's obligations under international treaties on POPs and assessing the effectiveness of control strategies
  • Emerging chemicals research (e.g. polyfluorinated chemicals, flame retardants and current-use pesticides)
  • Process research on surface-air exchange of POPs and source/receptor studies including human expsoure studies (e.g.CHirP - Chemicals, Health and Pregnancy Study)
  • Climate effects on the environmental fate of POPs
  • Air monitoring strategies for polycyclic aromatic compounds in the oil sands region


Awards and Grants: 

  • Excellence in Review Award - Environmental Science & Technology (2007)
  • Roy F. Weston Environmental Chemistry Award - Society for Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (2003)