Previous Winners of the ‘Think. Shoot. Change’ Video Competition


1st place:

The Drivers of Change, by Abigail Asuncion

Our world is constantly changing. As we keep advancing technologically and socially, it’s easy to look past the environmental impacts our planet has taken due to human influences. The important resources we need to live are constantly being depleted and these aren’t easily replaced. We’ve shifted our definition of happiness and success by focusing on material things. We must remember that we are more than consumers and that we are drivers of change. Making small changes in our individual routines is one step towards a better planet. Although together with our combined ideas and efforts, we can work towards a healthier world and sustain life on earth for generations to come.

2nd place:

A World Without Consumerism, by Zihan Cai

In a world with overconsumption, much waste and pollution is created. Clean water, clean air and finite resources are taken for granted. What if everyone could see the earth as an extension of their own being? How can we work towards a more sustainable future together? In a world without consumerism, people would find happiness in family and friends while getting by on less. In a society built on reusable materials, people would seek to repair their shoes instead of throwing them out. In a planet where happiness and success are not measured by how much one owns, the earth would be sustainable. Zihan's A World without Consumerism video sheds light on an imminent era where humans are not living today by borrowing from tomorrow.

3rd place:

Baby Talk, by Cecile Monteyne

Everyone says that real hope for change lies in the next generation. But if we do not start having honest conversations with them when they are young, then we will have created a whole new group of altruistic, "environmentally conscious" consumers. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.



1st (and only) place:

The Giving Pipe, by Da Jeong Kim

We are curious. We are quick to learn. We are creative.
We build, we fix, we tear down.
We adapt and collect, altering as we see fit.
We feel, we desire, we pursue, we overtake,
Until it is too late to rewind our mistake.

We live on a planet of finite resources. As we grow as a society, as a culture, as habitants of this earth, we have learned to consume these resources to fit our needs. This video portrays the growth of our society, the innovation of the human kind and the glory of today's civilization. Also captured is our dependence on the Earth's finite resources that may be pleasant to our current way of life, but require quick alternatives before the stock is exhausted by our excessive extraction and overconsumption. Although it does not bring a solution, the idea is clear, that our current way of growth is incompatible with a sustainable life on earth.



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