Master courses Fall 2017

EES1100H Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science

This course is designed to introduce students to the key topics of relevance to research in their chosen fields of study in environmental science.  In the first term, seminar speakers are drawn from faculty, visiting researchers and environmental scien

EES1102H Analytical Chemistry for Geoscientists

This course will familiarize students with a working knowledge of analytical chemistry and modern instrumentation and the common laboratory methods used in the analysis of contaminants and ions in environmental media.

EES1118H Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling

This course provides an introduction to the rapidly growing field of ecological and environmental modelling. Students will become familiar with most of the basic equations used to represent ecological processes.

EES1120H The Dynamics of Contaminant Dispersal in Fluids

This course will introduce the mechanisms of contaminant transport in lakes and the coastal ocean. The emphasis will be on a practical understanding of different dispersion regimes from point and distributed pollution sources.

EES1125H Contaminated Site Remediation

This course elaborates on the practical implementation of the common remediation processes including Soil Vapour Extraction, Groundwater Pump and Treat (including treatment train design), Monitored Natural Attenuation, Bioremediation and novel innovati

EES1132H Climate Data Analysis

This course will offer an advanced introduction to climate data analysis. It is intended for graduate students studying climate science and is mainly laboratory (computer) based.

EES1133H Climate Change Science and Modelling

The course is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts underlying our current understanding of the climate system. The science of climate includes basic radiation physics and dynamics, which are the basis of modern climate modelling.

EES3002H Conservation Policy

Through lectures, this course will examine the legislation, regulations, and policies that form the foundation for the conservation of biodiversity in Canada including our international obligations and federal and provincial legislation and policies.