How to Hire a MEnvSc Intern

The most effective way to post a job is to submit a completed job posting form to 

November is an ideal time to contact us, but we accept job postings from December – May each academic year.  We encourage you to post early to have access to the largest pool of talent!

Not sure what to include in your job posting? Contact the Internship Office anytime for job posting guidance and support. Call us at 416-287-7506 or email us at

The Internship Office can assist you at any time during the hiring process.  Some of the ways in which we assist our employers are:

  • Developing a job description
  • Advertising internship opportunities to current students and/or recent alumni
  • Batch delivery of applications via an automated email system
  • Pre-qualification of candidates upon request
  • Interview scheduling
  • Extending offers of employment
  • Developing work term employment agreement