Frank Wania

Frank Wania


Research Interests: 

Environmental organic chemistry.


  • Environ. Sci. Technol., 2011, 45 (19), pp 8113–8119   doi  The fate of perfluorinated carboxylates and sulfonates during snowmelt within an urban watershed. Meyer, T., A. De Silva, C. Spencer, F. Wania
  • J. Environ. Monit. 2011, 13, 1569-1578.      doi  Visualising the equilibrium distribution and mobility of organic contaminants in soil using the chemical partitioning space. Wong, F., F. Wania
  • J. Environ. Monit. 2011, 13, 1532-1546.      doi  Global climate change and contaminants – an overview of opportunities and priorities for modelling the potential implications for long-term human exposure to organic compounds in the Arctic. Armitage JM, Quinn CL, Wania F
  • Environ. Health Persp. 2011, 2011, 119, 641-646.     doi  Investigating intergenerational differences in human PCB exposure due to variable emissions and reproductive behaviors. Quinn CL, Wania F, Czub G, Breivik K
  • Wat. Res. 2011, 45, 3627-3637.      doi  Modeling the release of non-volatile organic chemicals from melting snow. Meyer T, Wania F

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