Employer Guidelines

Hiring Stage

  • Prepare a job description and email a copy to our internship coordinators
  • Provide a wage or salary to the students for the duration of their work term
  • Prepare and sign an Internship Agreement Form (along with the student) indicating the terms and conditions of employment

There is a set of responsibilities we ask all of our employer partners to undertake when recruiting our students. As an employer partner, we ask that your organization:

  1. Provide the student with a paid work experience relevant to his/her field of study, and formalize his/her employment in an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of his/her tenure with you. We welcome you to use any documentation you would normally use to hire a student. In addition, we would also ask that you complete and submit our MEnvSc Internship Agreement Form.
  2. Provide our office with a Job Description outlining the student’s responsibilities, and describing what he or she will be learning during the internship while on a work term. We have a form you are welcome to use for this purpose. When thinking about creating an opportunity for an intern, please know that project-oriented assignments work best for our students, since they need to submit and present a poster highlighting their internship experience, which will be evaluated for academic credit by several faculty members.
  3. Monitor and guide the student throughout the work term, alerting Program staff if there are any concerns during the work term.
  4. Evaluate the student’s progress and performance in the middle and end of his/her tenure with you. An Internship Coordinator will request a visit (or, if the work term is outside of the Greater Toronto Area, a telephone conference) with the supervisor and the student at the mid-point of the work term to learn about progress and to enable constructive feedback.