Climate Change Impact Assessment

There is an urgent societal need for science-based, policy relevant expertise in assessing the impacts of climate change. Career opportunities exist at all levels of government and in the consulting sector. The Climate Change Impact Assessment fields is designed to a new generation of climate change scientists, providing a well-defined curriculum ensuring quality training of graduates in this field; and, explore and plan for climate change over the next few decades. There are several core courses designed to be heavily experiential that work with practical examples.

Director of Program: Prof. Karen Smith

There are three program options (Programs I, II and III) that are designed to allow flexibility for students with different backgrounds. All options draw upon a common pool of core courses.

Research Paper Option

Program I: Research Paper Option (Code is MEnvSc I)

Each student within this option will choose a Research Supervisor, who in consultation with the Program Director, will select appropriate courses for completion over two terms of instruction. The intensive research necessary for the Research Paper will normally be completed in the final summer semester.


Climate Change Impact Assessment @ UTSC