“Think. Shoot. Change” Video Competition

Important Note: for the updated Think. Shoot. Change. Video Competition, please check the new page Think. Shoot. Change. Video Competition (2020)

Technological and social advances build upon ideas, and the best ideas come from envisioning the future, rather than from incremental problem solving within a poorly planned system.

Dreamers shape our society by placing high ideals in front of the rest of us, by imagining better worlds, or really awful ones, for us to consider. Both utopian visions and dystopian warnings inhabit some of the best literature. 

As natural scientists, we recognize that we live on a finite planet, with limited resources and a biosphere that provides critical functions (gas exchange, renewal of air water and soil quality, provision of food).  The sustainability of the biosphere is incompatible with the growth paradigm that drives human society. We need visions of a future, which is not based on constant growth, one not driven by an ever-expanding economic system or constantly increasing population.

"The Environmental Science programs at UTSC have long sought to foster the pursuit of solutions to our environmental problems in course work, but by creating this competition we want to attract and encourage bigger visions."  -  Prof. Roberta Fulthorpe, Former DPES Graduate Chair 

We are looking for short videos that:

  • imagine and portray human lives not driven by ever growing consumption of goods and services,
  • imagine and portray a society  in which materials are not continuously being used and discarded,
  • imagine and portray a way that new generations can aspire to be more than just consumers,
  • reimagine the ways that we measure happiness and success,
  • make clear the incompatibility of growth with sustainable life on earth.


Prize Value:

  • First place - $8,000
  • Second place - $6,000
  • Third place - $4,000

All award funds will be applied directly to the recipient’s University of Toronto Student Account.


How to apply?

The application process to the video competition is simple.

Applicants are required to produce an original video on the addressed topic and submit via email using the following Video Competition Form.

This contest is open to all MEnvSc applicants. The winners may only receive the financial prize if they fulfill the admission requirements and are admitted to the program.


Think. Shoot. Change. MEnvSc Video Competition