UTSC Graduate Student Gym Rebate

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The Vice-Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is committed to graduate students' well-being. To encourage them to stay active over the summer months, it is providing a summer gym rebate for eligible graduate students who purchase a 2024 TPASC Graduate Student Summer Gym Membership or a 2024 UofT Student Tennis Club Membership.

The 2024 UTSC Graduate Student Summer Gym Rebate will cover the full cost of the:

  • TPASC Membership: $172 (includes HST), from May 6 to August 31. The membership fee is pro-rated on a daily basis
    The TPASC Graduate Student Summer Gym Membership includes full access to Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre facilities, the UTSC Tennis Centre and UTSC programming beginning May 1. TPASC members do not need to purchase an additional tennis membership to access the courts.
  • Tennis Membership (only): $30 (includes HST), valid from April 29 until the season ends in November.

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Student Eligibility

Full-time master and doctoral students in both research-stream and professional programs, registered full-time in the Summer 2024 session, purchasing a 2024 TPASC Graduate Student Summer Gym Membership or a 2024 UofT Student Tennis Club Membership.

Application process (2 steps)

  1. Choose and purchase your membership
    • TPASC Graduate Student Summer Gym Membership (includes access to UTSC Tennis Centre)
      • In-person only at the Service Desk within TPASC (location and hours of operation)
      • be sure to bring your T-Card
      • ask for the "UTSC Graduate Student Summer Gym Membership" as it will help to ensure that the staff sells you the correct membership.
      • Keep the receipt.
    • Tennis Membership (only) 
  2. Complete the online application form.

Rebate requests will be processed on a rolling basis. It is strongly recommended that students set up direct deposit on ACORN; otherwise, a cheque will be sent to the mailing address listed on ACORN, which will be subject to Canada Post delivery times. You are responsible for recording an accurate ACORN Mailing address before award transactions are recorded on your ACORN invoice.

Please direct any questions about the Summer Gym Rebate to graduate-awards@utsc.utoronto.ca

Additional information:

  • TPASC: All areas within the facility (fitness center, field house and pool) require a reservation - use the TPASC Self-Service Portal to create your account and book your time.
  • UTSC Tennis Centre:  opened for the season on May 1. For hours of operation and advanced booking of courts, check the tennis club webpage.