Social/Cultural Geography

Social / cultural geographers view the world as inherently social, spatial, and political and they examine issues relating to the spatiality of identities, inequalities, and power across multiple scales. Questions asked include:

  • How does colonialism pattern differences between the global North and South and within both?
  • What difference does it make to society that women tend to have been associated more with ‘home’ than men?
  • Why has the education system largely failed to reduce class inequalities in societies?

Cultural geographers approach culture including religion, tourism, language, arts, and consumption as a spatial process of change and contestation in which people are actively engaged. It exposes students to the ways that cultural practices shape and are shaped by space and place. It challenges students to think about how social difference is spatialized, and engages students in innovative thinking using surveys, ethnographies, archives, interviews, films, literature, music and pop culture. Social/cultural geographers at UTSC teach courses that address issues of globalization, multiraciality, health inequalities, mobility, religion, and gender. Core faculty members contributing to this area include:

Note: Courses in the Major Program in Human Geography are divided into three main subdisciplinary concentrations: Urban Geography, Social/Cultural Geography and Environmental Geography. This program requires a total of 7.0 full credits within the broader 20 credit requirement for a UTSC degree.

Social/Cultural Geography Courses

  • GGRA02H3 The Geography of Global Processes
  • GGRB13H3 Social Geography
  • GGRB28H3 Geographies of Disease
  • GGRB55H3 Cultural Geography
  • GGRC02H3 Population Geography
  • GGRC04H3 Urban Residential Geography
  • GGRC09H3 Current Topics in Social Geography
  • GGRC24H3 Socio-Natures and the Cultural Politics of 'The Environment'
  • GGRC31H3 Qualitative Geographical Methods: Place and Ethnography
  • GGRC45H3 Local Geographies of Globalization
  • GGRC56H3 Spaces of Travel: Unsettling Migration, Tourism, and Everyday Mobilities
  • GGRD09H3 Feminist Geographies
  • GGRD10H3 Health and Sexuality
  • GGRD19H3 Spaces of Multiraciality: Critical Mixed Race Theory

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