Rachel Goffe

Rachel Goffe
Assistant Professor
Telephone number
647-601-4533 (email preferred)
Building HL 544

Teaching Interests

  • GGRB13 Social Geography (UTSC)
  • GGRD49 Land and Land Conflicts in the Americas (UTSC)
  • JPG1825 Black Geographies of the Atlantic (UTSG)

Research Interests

I am a geographer and a licensed architect. My work is concerned with place-making, livelihood and how these aspects of life are shaped through, and in tension with, public policy. My research is primarily sited in Jamaica where I am from originally and has focused on the encounter between recent policy to curtail squatting and traditions of Black life that emerged through durable yet insecure possession of small parcels of land.

  • ·       Black Geographies
  • ·       Racial capitalism
  • ·       Caribbean Studies
  • ·       Land, livelihood and informal economies
  • ·       Social reproduction
  • ·       Urban-rural interfaces

Awards and Grants

Connaught New Researcher Award, 2021 


Goffe, R. (2022), Reproducing the Plot: Making Life in the Shadow of Premature Death. Antipode. https://doi.org/10.1111/anti.12812


Goffe, R. (Forthcoming) “Negating the Plot: Life in the Shadow of Premature Death.”


Goffe, R., and E. Kelly. (2018) “America’s Deadliest Riots: The 1863 Draft Riots.” in Smith, N and Mitchell, D (eds) Revolting New York: How 400 Years of Riot, Rebellion, Uprising, and Revolution Shaped a City. Athens: University of Georgia Press. pp. 87-104.