Professor Kepe leading a group of students on a field trip

Programs, commonly referred to as Subject POSt(s) and sometimes as programs of study, are groupings of courses in one or more disciplines. Students are reminded that completion of a program (or programs) will fulfill only one component of the requirements necessary to earn their degree.

Programs are designated as either "limited" or "unlimited" enrolment. To determine if a program is limited or unlimited enrolment visit the Registrar's Office website.

Limited Enrolment:
Enrolment in some programs is limited to a maximum number of students. Such limits are generally defined by specified course and/or grades "admission" requirements, which are identified in the discipline areas of this Calendar, and/or in descriptions of individual programs. Other admission requirements may also apply.

Unlimited Enrolment:
Beyond the overall requirement that students must have passed 4.0 credits in order to enrol, unlimited enrolment programs will not have admission requirements, and will not limit the number of students who may enrol.

Below are the disciplines of study within the Department of Human Geography.

City Studies Logo

City Studies

City Studies is a multidisciplinary undergraduate program that introduces students to concepts and skills to understand and tackle problems of an increasingly urban world.

Human Geography Logo

Human Geography

Human Geography is a broad-ranging social science that is concerned with the spatial patterns of human activity and the character of regions and places.

GIS logo

Geographic Information Science

Geographical Information Science is a multidisciplinary inquiry into the effective use of geographic data, systems, and methods to inform decision-making concerning diverse aspects of human interactions with each other and with the environment.