Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Human Geography at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
Our department is an award-winning group of faculty who combine active and productive research programs with teaching innovation and excellence.
Notes from the academic plan:    

  • Our overarching goal is to create extremely strong and exciting Geography and City Studies programs that engage students in the process of critically analyzing and understanding the profound changes occurring in the world today, and equip them with the conceptual, analytical, research, and presentation tools that will prepare them for work in a range of careers. For those who choose to go on to graduate or professional studies we seek to ensure that they gain a solid foundation of research, analysis and study skills that will allow them to succeed in the best programs.
  • Our educational mission is to prepare students to be thoughtful and knowledgeable local and global citizens and, at the same time, to support them in developing important career skills in research, writing, and evidence-based examination of many of the pressing issues facing communities and the world today. Human Geography and City Studies graduates are well prepared for a wide range of careers, and our alumni have found successful careers in government, business, the non-profit sector, publishing, urban planning and development, community development, teaching, real estate, and policy analysis, among many others.
  • The Department of Human Geography at UTSC aspires to excellence in scholarship and undergraduate teaching focused on the following six areas of concentration across the Human Geography and City Studies clusters: Urban Geography, Environment and Development, and Social/Cultural Geography within the Geography cluster; City-Building, Community Development, and City Governance within the City Studies cluster. These areas of concentration provide structure to our curricula and allow students to gain breadth of knowledge across and depth of knowledge within them.
  • Leveraging our location in Scarborough and the wider GTA through community engaged teaching and partnership development is a core priority. Where this is not possible due to geographic barriers, our faculty members in partnership with colleagues from Critical Development Studies are developing innovative digital teaching approaches

We welcome students with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests. Please don't hesitate to contact me, any of our faculty, or Marishka Pereira  our Undergraduate Program Advisor, if you have any questions.

André Sorensen
Professor and Chair
Department of Human Geography
University of Toronto Scarborough