Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter
Associate Professor
Associate Chair
(416) 208-4764

Research Interests: 


  • Sexuality

  • Africa, especially South Africa

  • Education and Class

Awards and Grants: 

  • SSHRC Insight Grant, "Moving Class: An Historical-Ethnography of Schooling in Durban, South Africa"

  • SSHRC Standard Research, "Child Politics in South Africa: Children, Geography and Social Mobility after Apartheid"

  • Connaught Matching Grant, "Children of the New South Africa: Childre, Health, and Geography after Apartheid" 



Hunter, M. (2010). Love in The Time of AIDS: Inequality, Gender, and Rights in South Africa (Bloomington: Indiana University Press; Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press). Winner of the 2010 C. Wright Mills Award & the 2010 Amaury Talbot Prize for African Anthropology.

Articles and book chapters

Hunter, M. & Vahed, G. (2013). Schooling in Chatsworth: the persistence of inequalities in post-apartheid South African education, in Chatsworth: The Making of a South African Township, Vahed, G. & Desai, A. (eds.). Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press.
Hunter,M. & Hachimi, A. (2012). Talking Class, Talking Race: Intersections of Language, Class, and Race in the Call Center Industry in South Africa. Social & Cultural Geography, 13(6), 551-566.
Hunter, M. (2012). The Paradoxes of Rights-based Approaches Toward ‘Gender and AIDS’ in South Africa, in Understanding Global Sexualities: New Frontiers, Aggleton, P., Boyce, P., Moore, H. & Parker, R. (eds.). London: Routledge. 66-74.
Hunter, M. & Posel, D. (2012). Here to Work: the Socio-Economic Characteristics of Informal Dwellers in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Environment and Urbanization April, 24(1),  285-304.
Hunter, M. (2011). Beneath the ‘Zunami’: Jacob Zuma and the Gendered Politics of Social Reproduction in South Africa. Antipode, 43(4), 1102-1126.
Hunter, M. (2010). Racial Desegregation and Schooling in South Africa: Contested Geographies of Class Formation. Environment and Planning A, 42(11), 2640-2657.
Hunter, M. (2010). Beyond the Male-Migrant: South Africa’s Long History of Health Geography and the Contemporary AIDS Pandemic. Health and Place, 16(1), 25-33.


Honorary Research Fellow, Built Environment and Development Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal