Glenn Brauen

Glenn Brauen
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Telephone number
Building HL 510
Supervisor of Studies, Minor Program in Geographic Information Science


Ph.D. Geography, Carleton University
M.C.S., Carleton University
B.Sc (C. S.), University of New Brunswick

Teaching Interests

  • GGRA30: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Empirical Reasoning
  • GGRB30: Fundamentals of GIS I
  • GGRB32: Fundamentals of GIS II
  • GGRC15: Spatial Databases and Applications
  • GGRC30: Advanced GIS
  • GGRC34: Crowdsourced Urban Geographies
  • GGRD30: GIS Research Project

Research Interests

  • Collaborative geographic information science (data collection, management, analysis, visualization): example.
  • Multi-modal cartography, especially audiovisual maps.
  • Open source GIS and mapping.
  • Data and geography: open, crowdsourced, historical.
  • Analytical methods and cartographic design.


Refereed Articles

Buckley, M. and G. Brauen (2022). “Building space, building value: residential space additions and the transformation of low-rise housing in Toronto,” Urban Geography 44:7, 1433-1453, doi: 10.1080/02723638.2022.2100169.

Ekers, M., G. Brauen, T. Lin and S. Goudarzi. 2020. “The Coloniality of Private Forest Lands: Harvesting Levels, Land Grants and Neoliberalism on Vancouver Island,” Canadian Geographies / Géographies canadiennes 65:2, pp. 166-183, doi: 10.1111/cag.12643.

Brauen, G., S. Pyne, A. Hayes, J. P. Fiset, and D. R. F. Taylor. 2011. “Encouraging Transdisciplinary Participation using an Open Source Cybercartographic Toolkit: The Atlas of the Lake Huron Treaty Relationship Process,” Canadian National Commission of the International Cartographic Association National Report on Cartography, Geomatica, 65:1, 27-45.

Brauen, G., and D. R. F. Taylor. 2008. “Linked Audio Representation in Cybercartography: Guidance from Animated and Interactive Cartography for Using Sound,” Brasilian Journal of Cartography 60:3, 223-242.

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Brauen, G. and D. R. F. Taylor.  2007. “A Cybercartographic Framework for Audible Mapping,” Canadian National Commission of the International Cartographic Association National Report on Cartography, Geomatica 61:2, 127-136.

Brauen, G. 2006.  “Designing Interactive Sound Maps Using Scalable Vector Graphics,” Cartographica, 41:1, 59-71.

Refereed Book Chapters

Brauen, G. 2011. “Interactive Audiovisual Mapping: BTEX Emissions from NPRI Reporting Facilities in Montréal” in W. Cartwright, S. Caquard, and L. Vaughan (eds.), Mapping Environmental Issues in the City: Arts and Cartographic Cross Perspectives, 74-108. Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer.

Invited Book Chapters

Pulsifer, P. L. and G. Brauen. 2017. “Geo-Semantic Web.” in Kitchin, R., T. P. Lauriault, and M. W. Wilson (ed.), Understanding Spatial Media,136-148. London: SAGE Publications.

Brauen, G. 2014. “Interactive Audiovisual Design for Cartography: Survey, Prospects, and Example,” in Taylor, D. R. F. and T. P. Lauriault(eds.), Developments in the Theory and Practice of Cybercartography: Applications in Indigenous Mapping, 2nd ed, 141-159. Berlin; Heidelberg: Elsevier.