Community Development

Professor Susannah Bunce working with students

The Community Development area of concentration focuses is concerned with neighbourhood wellbeing, especially the role of community-based groups and organizations in promoting social inclusion and resident involvement. Core faculty members contributing to this area include:

Note: The City Studies curriculum has three areas of concentration: City-Building, Community Development, and City Governance. This program requires a total of 7.0 full credits within the broader 20 credit requirement for a UTSC degree. Students can select courses across all three areas of focus to complete the program requirements.

Community Development Courses

  • CITB03H3 Social Planning and Community Development
  • CITC01H3 Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East Scarborough
  • CITC02H3 Learning in Community Service
  • CITC07H3 Urban Social Policy
  • CITC08H3 Cities and Community Development

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