Document Check List

FAIR UTSC Program Application Document Check List

All students must submit:

  • A printed copy of your completed online application form including SAF
  • Senior 1 and 2 official transcripts in English with official school stamp
  • List of Senior 3 Subjects & the up to date official transcript in English with official school stamp
  • Identification documents: A copy of National ID card or Passport
  • Application fee of $200 CAD (Online Payment)
  • Result of the Test of English Listening Comprehension (Applicants from Taiwan only)
  • Completed Student Nomination Form


Some students may need to provide extra documents:

  • University official transcript, course description and certification letter in English, if you have started your post-secondary education.
  • General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) result, when available, if you are under regular curriculum in Taiwan.
  • If you are under international high school curriculum program, you also need to provide all required documents that are applied to you, for more details, please see the Admissions Requirement Information for the international Educational System.
  • All other documents you believe will help us understand you better and help your application.
  • Advanced Subjects Test results (if not writing the GSAT), if you have graduated from high school from Taiwan.