Curricular Experiential Learning

In addition to over 35 co-op programs, UTSC offers over 200 academic courses with an experiential learning component.

Experiential Learning Courses

ACMD02H3 - ACMEE Applied Practice III

JOUB05H3 - Advanced Video and Audio Production

JOUB11H3 - News Reporting

JOUC13H3 - Entrepreneurial Reporting

JOUC25H3 - Field Placement

VPAB17H3 - From Principles to Practices in Arts Management

VPDD12H3 - Senior Seminar in Arts Management

VPDD14H3 - Independent Studies in Arts Management

VPHB78H3 - Our Town, Our Art: Local Collections I

VPHB79H3 - Our Town, Our Art: Local Collections II

VPHC72H3 - Art, the Museum and the Gallery

VPDA11H3 - Introduction to Performance

VPDB04H3 - Experiencing the Live Theatre

1VPDC02H3 - Directing for the Theatre

VPDD01H3 - Supervised Performance

VPMA66H3 - String Orchestra

VPMA67H3 - String Orchestra

VPMB66H3 - String Orchestra

VPMB67H3 - String Orchestra

VPMC66H3 - String Orchestra

VPMC67H3 - String Orchestra

VPMA68H3 - Small Ensemble

VPMA69H3 - Small Ensemble

VPMB68H3 - Small Ensemble

VPMB69H3 - Small Ensemble

VPMC68H3 - Small Ensemble

VPMC69H3 - Small Ensemble

VPMA70H3 - Concert Choir

VPMA71H3 - Concert Choir

VPMB70H3 - Concert Choir

VPMB71H3 - Concert Choir

VPMC70H3 - Concert Choir

VPMC71H3 - Concert Choir

VPMB73H3 - Concert Band

VPMB74H3 - Concert Band

VPMC73H3 - Concert Band

VPMC74H3 - Concert Band

VPMB01H3 - Introduction to Community Music

VPMC01H3 - Exploring Community Music

VPMD01H3 - Senior Seminar: Music in Our Communities

VPSB71H3 - Artisit Multiples

VPSB73H3 - Curatorial Perspectives I

VPSC04H3 - Live!

VPSC51H3 - Curatorial Perspectives II

VPSC79H3 - Art and Activism

VPSC56H3 - Advanced Studio Practice

BIOB12H3 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory
BIOC10H3 Cell Biology: Proteins from Life to Death
BIOC13H3 Biochemistry II: Bioenergetics and Metabolism
BIOC15H3 Genetics
BIOC17H3 Microbiology
BIOC23H3 Practical approaces to Biochemisty
BIOC59H3 Advanced Population Ecology
BIOD21H3 (summer only) Advanced Molecular Biology
BIOD29H3 Pathobiology of Human Disease


IDSC06H3 Directed Reading on Canadian Institutions and International Development
IDSC17H3 Development, Citizen Action and Social Change in the Global South
IDSC20H3 Critical approaches to community engagement in development  
IDSD01Y3 Post-placement Seminar and Thesis
IDSD19H3 The Role of Researcher- Practitioner Engagement in Development


ECTB60H3 Food, Cultrues, and Translation
ECTB61H3 English and Chinese Translation: Theory and practice
ECTC61H3 Translation Studies in Literature
ECTD68H3 Translation for Business and Media
FREB11H3 French Language Learning in the School System
FREB18H3 Business French
FREB28H3 The Francophone World
FREB44H3 Introduction to Linguistics: French Phonetics and Phonology
FREB46H3 History of the French Language
FREC03H3 French in Action I: Practical Workshop in Theatre
FREC10H3 Community-Based Learning in the Francophone Community
LGG69DH3D Translation for Government and Public Administration  
LINB98H3 Supervised Introductory Research in Linguistics
LIND09H3 Phonetic Analysis
LIND01H3-D07H3 Independent Study in Linguistics LIND01H3:
PLID01H3-D07H3 Independent Study in Psycholinguistics PLID01H3:


MATD02H3 Classical Geometries and their Transformations
STAB27H3 Statistics II
STAD37H3 Multivariate analysis
MATA32H3 Calculus for Management I
MATC01H3 Groups and Symmetry
CSCC01H3 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSCC09H3 Programming on The Web
CSCD27H3 Network and System Security (Computer and Network Security)
CSCD90H3 The Startup Sanbox
CSCD01H3 Engineering Large Software Systems
CSCD03H3 Social Impact of information Technology


ENGD80H3 Women and Canadian Writing
ENGD94H3 Stranger than Fiction: The Documentary Film
ENGC02H3 Major Canadian Authors (in 2019-20 this course is focused on film narratives)
ENGA02H3 Critical Writing About Literature


GASD71H3 Cuisine, Culture, and Societies Across Global Asia
HISD25H3 Oral History and Urban Change
HISD44H3 Nearby History: The Method and Practice of Local History
WSTC02H3 Feminist Qualitative Research in Action
WSTC23H3 Community Engagement Practicum
WSTD10H3 Advanced Methods: Story Telling and Social Change
FSTB01H3 Methodologies in Food Studies
HISD71H3 Culinary Ethnography
HISB14H3 Edible History: History of Global Foodways
FSTA01H3 Foods That Changed the World
GASD02H3 Senior Seminar: Topics in Global Asian Societies
HISC29H3 Global Commodities: Nature, Culture, History
HISD70H3 History of Empire and Foods
AFSA03/IDSA02 Experiencing Development in Africa
FSTC02H3 Mondo Vino: The History and Culture of Wine Around the World


CITC01H3 Urban Communities and Neighbourhoods Case Study: East Scarborough
CITC02H3 Learning in Community Service
CITC08H3 Cities and Community Development
CITC12H3 City Structures and City Choices: Local Government, Management and Policy Making
CITD05H3 City Studies Workshop I
CITD06H3 City Studies Workshop II
CITD12H3 Planning and Building Public Spaces in Toronto  
GGRA35H3 The Great Scarborough Mashup: People, Place, Community, Experience
GGRC34H3 Crowd-sourced Urban Geographies
GGRC44H3 Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development
GGRC50H3 Geographies of Education
GGRC54H3 Human Geography Field Trip
GGRD08H3 Research Seminar in Environmental
GGRD30H3 GIS Research Project


HLTD04H3 Special Topics in Health
HLTD50H3 Special Topics in Health Humanities
HLTC27H3 Community Health and Epidemiology
HLTD54H3 Toronto's Stories of Health and Illness
HLTD51H3 Aging and the Arts
HLTD53H3 Special Topics in Health Humanities: Beyond the Patient Perspective: Documentary and Memoir Workshop
HLTD02H3 Health Research Seminar


MGHB12H3 Human Resource Management
MGHC02H3 Management Skills
MGHD25H3 Human Resources Recruitment and Selection
MGMA01H3 Principles of Marketing
MGOD30H3 Business Data Analytics
MGSC20H3 Consulting and Contracting: New Ways of Work
MGSD24H3 New Venture Creation and Planning
MGTA35H3 Management Communications for Non-Coop
MGAC70H3 Management Information Systems
MGMC02H3 Consumer Behaviour
MGFD70H3 Advanced Financial Management
MGMC01H3 Market Research
MGSB22H3 Entrepreneurship
MGAD40H3 Management Control Systems
MGAD45H3 Corporate Governance and Strategy - CPA Perspective
MGID79H3 International Capstone Case Analysis
MGMC11H3 Product Management and Branding
MGSD15H3 Managing in the Information Economy
MGFC20H3 Personal Financial Management


PHLD88Y3 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy: The Socrates Project
PHLD85H3 / PHLD86H3 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy: The Socrates Project - Mentorship  
PHLA10H3 / PHLA11H3 Introductuon to Ethics PHLA10H3 (Reason and Truth):   PHLA11H3:


PHYA10H3 Physics I for the Physical Sciences
PHYA11H3 Physics I for the Life Sciences
PHYA21H3 Physics II for the Physical Sciences
PHYA22H3 Physics II for the Life Sciences
PHYB10H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory I
PHYC11H3 Intermediate Physics Laboratory II
PHYD72H3 Supervised Readng in Physics and Astrophysics
PHYD01H3 Research Project in Physics and Astrophysics
CHMA10H3 Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding
CHMA11H3 Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms
CHMB16H3 Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
CHMB21H3 Chemical Structure and Spectroscopy
CHMB23H3 Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics: Theory and Practice
CHMB31H3 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHMB41H3 Organic Chemistry I
CHMB42H3 Organic Chemistry II
CHMC16H3 Analytical Instrumentation
CHMC31Y3 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
CHMC41H3 Organic Reaction Mechanisms
CHMC42H3 Organic Synthesis
CHMC47H3 Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHMD11H3 Applications of Spectroscopy in Chemical Structure Determination
CHMD16H3 Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
CHMD90Y3 Directed Research
CHMD91H3 Directed Research
CHMD92H3 Advanced Chemistry Laboratory Course
EESB02H3 Principles of Geomorphology
EESB05H3 Principles of Soil Science
EESB15H3 Earth History
EESB20H3 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
EESC16H3 Field Camp I
EESC24H3 Advanced Readings in Environmental Science
EESC31H3 Glacial Geology
EESC33H3 Environmental Science Field Course
EESC36H3 Petrology
EESC37H3 Structural Geology
EESD07H3 Field Camp II
EESD09H3/D10 Research Project in Environmental Science EESD09H3:
EESD19H3 Professional Development Seminars in Geoscience
EESD20H3 Geological Evolution and Environmental History of North America
EESD33H3 Field Techniques
ESTC34H3 Sustainability in Practice
ESTC35H3 Environmental Science and Technology in Society
ESTC36H3 Knowledge, Ethics and Environmental Decision-Making
ESTD16H3 Project Management in Environmental Studies
ESTD17Y3 Cohort Capstone Course in Environmental Studies
ESTD18H3 Environmental Studies Seminar Series
ESTD19H3 Risk


POLC78H3 Political Analysis I
POLC83H3 Applications of American Foreign Policy
POLC93H3 Public Policies in the United States
POLD38H3 Law and Global Business  


NROC90H3/93H3; PSYC90H3/93H3 Supervised Study in Neuroscience/Psychology NROC90H3: NROC93H3:; PSYC90H3:
NROD98Y3, PSYD98Y3 Thesis in Neurosciece/Psychology;
PSYD66H3 Current Topics in Human Brain & Behaviour
NROD60H3 Current Topics in Neuroscience
PSYC02H3 Scientific Communication in Psychology
PSYC76H3 Brain Imaging Laboratory
PSYC31H3 Clinical Neuropsychology
PSYC71H3 Social Psychology Laboratory
PSYC37H3 Psychological Assessment
PSYC85H3 History of Psychology