Welcome to the English & Film A-level Courses

We at the UTSC English Department are so pleased to welcome our new students, who will be starting their explorations in our A-level courses this fall.The instructors for these courses would like to offer a brief introduction to their classes, and how they fit into the broader study of English and film.


ENGA01: What Is Literature? with Prof. Sonja Nikkila


ENGA02: Critical Writing About Literature, with a seminar-based teaching team led by Prof. Maria Assif


ENGA10: Literature & Film for Our Time -- Visions & Revisions, with Prof. Garry Leonard


We hope you'll also explore our incredible Creative Writing program, now offering a Major and Minor option. Their A-level course is ENGA03: Introduction to Creative Writing, taught this semester by S.J. Sindu.

Welcome to ENGA01: What Is Literature?


Welcome to ENGA02: Critical Writing About Literature


Welcome to ENGA10: Literature & Film for Our Time