Andrew DuBois

Andrew DuBois

Associate Professor


Every Man His Own Eckerman

Do you have any heros?

Some, yes.

Who are they?

My parents, Andy and Naomi DuBois. My sister, Rachel DuBois. Louis Armstrong. Laura Balance and Mac McCaughan (let’s just say: Superchunk). Bob Dylan. Frank Lentricchia. Josh May. Archie Moore. Barack Obama. Barbara Herrnstein Smith. Souvankham Thammavongsa. Helen Vendler. Hank Williams.

Have you been listening to anything lately?

It’s funny you should ask. Here’s what I’ve had on heavy rotation:

The Crusaders, Scratch

Amelia Curran, Watershed

George Jones

Willie Nelson, “Last Man Standing” Professor Longhair

Soul 2 Soul’s 2nd album

Superchunk, “Art Class”

Superchunk, What a Time to Be Alive

Tom Waits, Brawlers

Have you heard the new Prince LP (or the new LP of new versions of old songs)?

Yeah, it’s great.

Who are you reading this week?

The late Priscila Uppal. She wrote lots of good poems, and a couple of great ones. If she would’ve lived she would’ve become one of the three or four greatest living Canadian poets. Word is bond. God bless.

Teaching Interests: 

Prof. DuBois's areas of research and teaching interest are Modern and contemporary poetry and poetics.


He is the author of Ashbery’s Forms of Attention and co-editor of The Anthology of Rap and Close Reading: The Reader.


He was an undergraduate at Duke and received his doctorate from Harvard.