Past Winners

2019 Award Winners

Undergraduate Conference Critical Essay Prize

Aishah Cader, "Always the Nice Guy: Unpacking Why American Literature Trivializes Canada

Grayson Chong, "What's the Hyphen Got to Do With It?: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Cordelia and Nature in William Shakespeare's King Lear"

Undergraduate Conference Creative Essay Prize

Sarah Hilton, "Campus Sceleratus: The Body" and "Reflecting Pool" (Poetry)

Eva Wissting, "On My Body" (Prose)

2018 Award Winners

Undergraduate Conference Critical Essay Prize

Chelsea Matson, “Imagined Representations of Migration in Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion” 

Undergraduate Conference Creative Writing Prize

Vanessa Vigneswaramoorthy, “A Sonnet to Daughter”

2017 Award Winners

English Essay Prize

Mark Veloso, “‘Unruly Noise’: Sound, Identity and the Acoustic Construction of Otherness in John Milton’s A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle (Comus)”

Canadian Literature Essay Prize

Alistair Meyer Ladner, “Findings of Law and History in M. Nourbese Philip’s Zong! and James Wavin’s The Zong”

Film Essay Prize


Michelle Tobiash, “Non-Being in Citizen Kane and Company: What is the Voice that Communicates in Silence”

2016 Award Winners

Creative Writing (Fiction)Natasha Ramoutar, "From the Dust"

Creative Writing (Non-Fiction)Trevor Cameron, "Video Games & Flow"

Creative Writing (Poetry)Erin Maitland, "Writing"

Best Critical EssayVictoria Loder, “The Books of Anne Boleyn: Translation, Biblical Heresy, and Reform”


People's Choice EssayGabby Bablanian, "Fun, Fun Never Changes: Apocalypse as Entertainment"

2015 Award Winners

Best Essay Prize
John Rowntree, "Without Our Toys"

Best Essay on Canadian Literature

Ted Qian Dian Zhang, "'Postmemorial Criminal"

2014 Award Winners

Best Essay Prize

Rebecca Ricciardi, "Dismemberment, Wholeness and Power in William Shakespeare's Henry V"

Best Essay on Canadian Literature
Niveda Anandan, "'One Victim Can Speak for Many Victims': The Hybrid Gaze, the Tamil Subaltern and 'Third World' Politics in Michael Ondaatje's 'Ghost'"

2013 Award Winners

Best Essay Prize

Diana Demian, "Disordered Worlds and Disorderly Women in Elizabeth Carys'  'Tragedy of Mariam' and 'The History of the Life, Reign and Death of Edwards II'"


Best Essay on Canadian Literature
Marc-André Durocher, "Tackling Dehumanization in the Name of Art, Science and Capitalism in Daniel Tysdal's "Theremenist Sing the Body Plastic"

                                                                                               2010 Award Winners

Critical Essays

Best Essay Prize

Philip Cox, "Mapping Boundaries, Human Bodies: The Imposition of Identity in Titus Andronicus"

Originally written for course ENGC35: Imagined Communities in Early Modern England, 1500-1700 taught by Professor Marjorie Rubright.

McClelland and Stewart Essay Prize in Canadian Studies
Jason Knabl, "'Do you think you're awake?': History, Illusion and Ideology in Michael Redhill's Consolation"
Originally written for course ENGD69: Knowing the Other: Ethics and Canadian Literature taught by Professor Marjorie Rubright.

Oxford University Press Essay Prize
Alexandra Bibby, "False Identities in Stevens' Swingtime and Stone's Stormy Weather"
Originally written for course ENGD92: The Film Musical taught by Professor Alice Maurice.

Creative Writing Works


First: "The Bird Girls" by Laura Cok 
Second: "Ghoul Ricki’s Hotel" by Stefan Catona
Third: "Sigh" by Katie Fewster Yan

Honourable Mention
"Dear, Indeed" by Lee Yoong Siang
"Periphery" by Stephanie Kazan
"Bloody Socks" by Constance Adams
"Metaphor for Lloyd" by Charmaine Santos
"Buttercups and Daffodils" by Casandra Rinaldi
"My Rosebuds" by Julia Pedota
"Heathcliff: A Retelling" by Fathima Feroze


First: "Salt Water" by Andrew Shenkman
Second: "Overheard" by Sung Ryu
Third (tie): "Memoirs" by Monica Varey
Third (tie): "Human Going" by Christine Tan

Honourable Mention

"A Hot Afternoon" by Sheeza Iqbal
"Christopher" by Damion Platt
"The Accident" by Rathees Uthaykumar
"Midnight Shelly" by Jonathon Alexander