Major in English

The Major program in English literature is a popular choice among students wanting to combine their interests in literary studies with another subject area. Sometimes those subject areas are in close dialogue with each other, enabling students to gain deeper insight into the multidisciplinary facets of English literature. In other cases, students select the Major so as to combine quite different passions during their undergraduate studies. Either way, bringing focused exploration of English literature into dialogue with another field of interest gives students valuable perspective and flexibility as they prepare for graduate school or other professional paths. 


Requirements for the Major Program   

7.5 credits in English are required of which at least 2.0 must be at the C- or D-level. They should be selected as follows: 

  1.  ENGB03H3 Critical Thinking About Narrative
  2.  ENGB04H3 Critical Thinking About Poetry  
  3.  ENGB05H3 Critical Writing about Literature 
  4.  ENGB27H3 Charting Literary History I 
  5.  ENGB28H3 Charting Literary History II 
  6.  1.0 credit from English courses whose content is pre-1900 
  7.  0.5 credit in English at the D-level.
  8.  3.5 additional credits in English 

For more details on program requirements, visit the UTSC Calendar. Questions about program requirements should be directed to the Program Supervisor, Professor Neal Dolan ( 

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