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English Profs Lead Curriculum Review Efforts

A loop of the UTSC land valley trail in early fall

“The erasure of any knowledge is antithetical to the ideals of educational institutions.”
--Prof. Randy Lundy

We are pleased to hear about the work of UTSC's Curricular Review Working Circle, which was convened in 2020 to address how our programs and teaching can better incorporate the perspectives and knowledges of Indigenous, Black, and racialized people.

The English Department is strongly committed to any efforts to confront and redress systemic and ongoing racist and colonial violence, we are proud to know that Professors Katie Larson, Randy Lundy, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, and Karina Vernon are part of the team of faculty, students, and staff who are doing this critical work.

We look forward to following the Working Circle and learning about ways to increase equity and inclusivity on our campus.

To read more about the Working Circle, you can visit