ENGC17H3S: Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (NEW in 2018!)

ENGC17H3S: Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (NEW in 2018!)

Instructor: Neil ten Kortenaar

Over the course of five centuries, European empires changed the face of every continent. The present world bears the traces of those empires in the form of nation-states, capitalism, population transfers, and the spread of European languages. Of course, conquest and colonization were also resisted. This course will consider how empire and resistance to empire have been imagined and narrated in a variety of texts over centuries and continents. The course will examine anticolonialism and postcolonialism, the intellectual movements that challenge the Eurocentric understanding of history, literature, and culture inherited by the former colonies.


Texts to be studied are likely to include:

Shakepeare The Tempest

Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe

EM Forster A Passage to India

Albert Memmi The Colonizer and the Colonized

Chinua Achebe  Things Fall Apart

Tsitsi Dangarembga  Nervous conditions.

Plus readings by Frantz Fanon, Ranajit Guha, Edward Said, Gayatri Spivak,

Evaluation: weekly responses (20%), 2 short essays (40%), class participation (10%), exam (30%)

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