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Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of English at the University of Toronto Scarborough!

We are a diverse and close-knit group of students, faculty and staff united by a shared passion for the vital work that literature, writing, and film studies do in the world.

English has long been recognized as one of the most versatile university degrees, preparing students for a wide array of career paths. The skills that students gain in our programs are increasingly crucial in a media landscape dominated by fake news and rapidly-changing technologies and in a global context needing creative and empathetic solutions to urgent issues ranging from colonialism and decolonization to climate change to ongoing sexual, gender, racial, and economic inequities. Our graduates are making important contributions to these conversations in a wide range of fields, including law, government, medicine, communications, policy development, teaching, editing and publishing, and academia.    

Students can choose from several different programs within our department. Some opt to concentrate their undergraduate studies in English literature with a SPECIALIST DEGREE. Others combine a MAJOR or MINOR in English literature with their interests in political science, biology, psychology, women’s and gender studies, media studies, environmental science, and a host of other disciplines. Our Minor LITERATURE AND FILM is a popular choice, and gives students to opportunity to participate in the Toronto filmmaking community through special screenings, director visits, and festival partnerships. We also have a thriving CREATIVE WRITING program, offering both a Major and Minor option and giving students the chance to work with published, award-winning writers. Students at UTSC can integrate professional experience into their studies in English with a CO-OP WORK PROGRAM or a COMBINED DEGREE PROGRAM in collaboration with OISE's Master of Teaching. A number of our courses also offer students valuable experiential learning opportunities. Our commitment to interdisciplinary thought is showcased in a DOUBLE DEGREE PROGRAM, combining an English B.A. with a Psychology B.Sc.

Regardless of what program they choose, students benefit from courses that foster their critical and creative development as writers and that expose them to a wide range of literary and visual works as well as the diverse historical and cultural settings with which those texts engage.

Our students find that they quickly become part of a vibrant community here at UTSC. They work closely with award-winning faculty both inside and outside the classroom. Many become involved with our student association SELF (Students of Literature and Film), our departmental chapter of the international honour society SIGMA TAU DELTA, and our weekly creative writing group COW. Students also benefit from a full calendar of departmental events, including film screenings and monthly Literature and Lattes coffee houses, as well as opportunities to dialogue with visiting writers through guest lectures and our WRITER-IN-RESIDENCE program.

We hope you will visit us at a recruitment or departmental event, follow us @utsc_engdept on Twitter and Instagram, or try out a course that piques your interest to learn more about what makes the Department of English at UTSC such a special place to be.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Best wishes,

Neil ten Kortenaar

Professor and Chair