Vocabulary Test

You are invited to test your vocabulary level by trying the online vocabulary tests available. Click on the links below to take the tests. Three versions of the tests are available. Try one version. If your scores need improvement, work on building your vocabulary before trying the equivalent level in another version of the test.

In order to be comfortable reading the types of texts that you currently have to read in your courses, you will need to be able to do well at least at the 3000 level and the University Word List.

If you score more than 83% at a level, you may choose to move to the next level or work to improve your scores further.

If you score less than 83% at a level, you may choose to improve your score at that level or try a lower level.

If you wish to work on a systematic program to improve your vocabulary in effective and enjoyable ways, make an appointment with Dr. Elaine Khoo at the English Language Development Centre.